4.5m gold to build a BIS bruiser. Let us gamble crafted 595-599 crafted gear for an upgrade. OR make crafted gear non character binding

Alright, that’s understandable. Why do all the bruisers want attunement then lmao

Probably they just assume it applies to the entire attack’s cleave. It doesn’t. Shirking Attunement does but thats getting nerfed.

Yea, it’s 3.8% per piece, which is close to 20% with 5 pieces. You can end up mitigating >70% of incoming damage in light armor if you stack fortify.

oh, didn’t think it stacked, i see thanks :slight_smile:

That’s also not true. Max you can mitigate is 50%. This includes wards, gems and fortification. For example, if you ran 8 thrust gems you would have 40% resistance to thrust. If you get any form of fortification like from shirking fortification, the max its going to help you against thrust damage is 10%. However, it does have marginal value for things that reduce absorption as if you are over 50% that will still count in the removal.

It’s fortifies interaction with armor values. 20% damage absorption on light is more than heavy, because heavy has a higher armor value. Light is taking more damage overall, so the damage absorption based on % is higher. Has nothing to do with the actual damage absorption value and how much you can stack, any damage absorption % you achieve negates a higher number than an equal % in heavy.

50% is the absorption cap. Absorption includes gems, fortify and oak flesh/gem dust. It does not include your base armor.

Armor rating plus absorption equals your total damage mitigation.

You can go test it. The damage you take is in red numbers and the damage you mitigate is white.

When I heal, I mitigate around 65-70% damage with orb of protection, mending touch and fortifying sacred ground.

After all you realize your shirking fort. dont help u in anything, because VG purge everything u have.

Correct VG is a great anti-healer and anti-bruiser. However, it does have the downside of not being able to do much to ranged players unless you get the jump on them.

This is balance Vg counter bruisers, range bows etc counter Vg/IG. You cant be good in everything. Ofc I mean small scale/OPR in 1v1 duels or arenas I can just change skill and I am still able to win ( oblivion-> orb), ( Ice Shower->Pylone).

Yeah it should have those downsides.

Healer gear is also Absurdly expensive

It is expensive couse all clans that do wars need top bruisers. So clans that have gold are trying to buy same gear. What result you expected? Yea it will be very expensice. Nerf this clans ability to make gold and bruisers gear prices will drop fast.

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