5 days and still cant play

I just like to say, that upon launch i was able to get in for 2hrs and claim my name, and play to lvl 3. That was 5 days ago… I have NOT been able to login to my guilds server for 5 whole days… we have a 63 member guild on morrow an dother than claiming our names, me nor them are able to login due to a continious que of 1800 people…

According to ign.com there are 650,000 people attempting to play this game… that would require, with a server cap of 2k… 325 servers to hold us all… wtf is going on here?

there are reports of people running in place inside the game by the hundreds so they wont be logged out… thats insane !! others are using keystroke senders to stay in game, and nothing has been done to boot these people like say, rebooting the server every couple hours to toss them out.

and to make it worse, i cant even sit in the new world que… you know why? some genius made the que screen an in game 3d rendered screen that pegs my gpu to 100% … just as if i was in game running around. so the que screen is way broken… im not gonna blow up my geforce sitting in a que that has my card working at 100%

id like this complaint, to be taken all the way to the top of whatever command structure you have there. i want them to know, how i feel about sitting here for 5 days not being able to play. im literally furious… at this point… and ive used my 2hr wait in support, to try to explain this as nicely as possibe. at least amazon support isnt 3d rendered…


If your level 3 then delete and pick a new server with a lower population. You will still have your name as long as you don’t take forever.

Only person to blame is yourself for not playing. Being stuck on stupid with one server is just not logical. After a couple hours the first day seeing a 5000+ queue I jumped on another server and been having a good time EVERY SINGLE DAY.


I want them to fix the GPU at 100% on the login screen. The stupid screen is causing my entire room and computer to heat up.


So 63 people who didn’t make the common sense choice to migrate to a different low pop server. :grimacing:


Never said you have to leave, but if you have not been able to play there are options besides just being pissed off and not playing.

Server transfers are coming, and I imagine you are not the only one in your company that is having issues logging in. Talk to your buddies then all 63 of you can work out a new server to move too. Or wait it out and maybe enough players will transfer off the server you are on and you won’t have the long queues anymore.

I’m not able to play with my company right now either, but I can still level and transfer later.

And no you are not the solution to your own thread, entitled much???

Your welcome, topic solved!

  1. Pick a new server
  2. Level for couple of weeks
  3. Transfer to guild server once option is available
  4. Profit

I would say they should “fix” not only the queue screen, but the whole thing, since it not is providing 100% of output :rofl:

Sadly, that’s what I did too…The question is: why AGS did not worked in such a feature since last year or after Closed Beta (which presented the same issues on SA at least?)

Also, what about “Region Perks”? Will be this be migrated too? What about Friends added in “original” server? Will you be able to chat with them after… Amazon dont say nothing… nothing… We’re alone in the dark…

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Yah I don’t see why those wouldn’t transfer, but we would have to see.
Most likely they couldn’t get a larger server size to work and then it was too late.

Your op says none of you have been able to log in thus there should be no issue with all of you going to a different server.

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Obvi that server has some twitch streamer considering they still have a large queue a week later.

I’m having no issues playing on my end >_> but I waited for the hype to cool down and then I picked a world to play in.

Might be worth just playing a new character for the time being? :slight_smile:


Well I have 2 different characters on two different servers and both of them have a queue. One is 768 and the other is 352.

I’ve been playing MMOs at launch since Everquest. And I expect the servers to be at load the first 2 days or so as the initial population thins out in the world but this is ridiculous. 5 days later people should be able to logon.

Amazon either is doing a HORRIBLE job estimating the initial load or they have HORRIBLE infrastructure.

Either way they need to announce to users what they are doing about this and when we can expect to login and play normally. Do I have to wait a 2 weeks? A month?

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If you think about, why they ignore the 2k cap? For sure misscomunication between the marketing, partners and dev team…

Marketing: Let’s partner with streamers; they will bring millions of users…

Devs: We can’t support more than 2k users per server on the launch due to tech specificities

Streamer with JUST 10k followers: Let’s all join server X…

Yeah, the streamer doesn’t need to be famous to fulfill a server…

Perfect Storm!

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2k per server is already a problem. Some quests are near impossible to complete, farming is lame during peak hours. Just imagine the map with 10k, you would never get anything done. Remember this is an open world game mostly not a lobby game, can’t just pack the servers.

They are doing the right thing, more servers with server transfers coming. Oh and I did notice some servers do have more then 2k now, it’s like 2250 or 2500 cap for some.


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Quor, i left my Level 10 Character on the guilds server and remade a new character on the brand new server, it now is high pop. So i get the OP having major issues but this is un acceptable to have 2 characters getting locked out.

I was able to get to level 21 on the 2nd server incase i can do a server transfer with the guild, but this whole thing is a bottle neck for everyone. There is no good solution unless they lock server transfers by guild or something.

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The second server I went to gets a queue during peak hours, so I do understand the frustration people have. And you are right there is no good solution, if they add to much to the server population then no one can get anything done, and they are taking to long to add the transfer option and even then some are not going to be happy.

The simple truth of it is it’s a brand new game, not really uncommon for new games to have issues that were unexpected. Regardless if people like it or not they are working the problem, and over time things will balance out and this will all be behind us.

Just chill, find another server, do some solo stuff for a bit, play another game till things settle, anything, the rage will not fix everything any faster.

anyways its day 5… ive been able to play every day since launch… yes ive had a qeue… longest ive had to wait was 1 1/2 hours. im in qeue right now.

have your guild move to a different server since none of you can login anyways. your words.

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Easier said then done. People work so you would have to run scripts to stay logged in. You may not realize you cant just up and move a larger guild force, then find out its locked down again with transfers. Unless i am misunderstanding you right now, i dont think you clearly thought this out for a larger guild.

a large guild force that hasnt played… like at all… not too hard to move that to be honest

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