5 out of 6 abilities in my build are bugged

Netshot randomly hits the floor and apparatus and barbed netting are disabled for who knows how long.
Claw shot doesn’t pull me in randomly
Ice Storm has been casting at my feet randomly for months
Ice Spike gets eaten by maelstrom despite not being a projectile, also gives breakaway dodges off a single stagger
Entomb breaks instantly if I recast too quickly, usually due to input que lag since the buffer is gone
I also constantly get a weapon swap bug where I can’t attack or use abilities unless I press the block button.

Can combat related bugs please be moved to a higher priority, because this is actually unplayable and I have zero idea how any balance changes can be made when weapons almost never seem to be working properly.


AGS? Any acknowledgement please?


Feel free to join the greater discussion here :slight_smile:
We have a few “forwarded along” responses and 1 from a CM saying they main mage! Otherwise no you won’t get any acknowlegments from anyone at AGS here on the forums unless you shoot guns or swing big swords.

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Thank you AGS for prioritizing nerfing entomb with the most recent bugfix instead of fixing any of the other IG bugs that I play with every time I hop on.


Don’t forget the bug where you swap to ice gauntlet, it is current out on your hand and highlighted on your bar. You activate an ability but your other weapons abilities are being cast. It happens far too often where I go to cast tomb, yet burnout is being cast with my ice gauntlet out. The ability does the animation (if I don’t dodge cancel), but once it finishes the animation it just stops and both tomb and burnout go on cooldown.

Also I have had multiple times where if I go to use ice storm, dodge cancel, swap to firestaff and use pillar of fire, I get hard stuck in the animation with targeting circle being the size of storms. You can’t dodge, can’t block, can’t cast abilities, until someone hits you with CC or you die.

Another tomb bug is where you are inside tomb and you are completely stuck inside it and can take damage but can’t move…. Been in the game for months, granted I haven’t had it happen in a hot minute.

Here is the Pilar bug I’m talking about, I was stuck there for almost a minute. I know my video is old but I still have it happen to me. Had it happen to me 3 times over the weekend.


@newb I have this happen with Flamethrower getting stuck in the animation when I switch to IG and FT keep spewing then goes on a CD even with the no CD talent… how about them apples :apple: :apple: And to everyone complaining about FT you all now know that every other caster spell is bugged so it’s pretty much all we got until you all demand AGS fix the caster weapons.

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I have had this happen as well. Flamethrower going brrr with my ig in hand and firestaff in my back, then it goes on cooldown along with my ice spike since they are the same key.

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These are being enabled in the update happening tonight.

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Thank god. Ok 4 more to go!

oh the irony. :partying_face:

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Bump, add another one

omg, another bug. All magic skills from FS/IG are bugged right now?

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