+50 luck on Faction Territory Control

Is this +0.5% global luck or…?

It is 0.5% of Luck.

Not sure if this is working as intended ingame though. Hopefully the devs can confirm this.

LoL luck is imaginary… imagine yourself as much luck as you want and go farm.

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lol, the thought of Devs confirming anything really regarding luck…I’d reckon getting that from them is harder than a choir boy at a porn shop

This is true but since current computers are incapable of creating truly random number generation the algorithms that pretend to create true randomness can be tweaked to provide what they are calling as luck.

Well they confirmed one thing which was pointless to deny any longer. Luck gear was bugged and was giving negative luck in many cases… So all we have right now is their word that its working as intended since last week.