50 STR Perk bug +10% phisical damage

With the new rework of 50 stats bonus to make it global. Str now give +10% phisical danage on light and heavys. Ok in the PTR in work with bows, blunderbuss etc .Obv. but now in live servers NOPE . I only tested with bow but it didnt hit with That 10% plus damage, it dont work. There are 2 kinds of danage … elemental, that also a pasive that increase 15% All elemental danage, included jewels in weapons . And Phisical Damage…, now there are a perk that provides 10% damage to all phisical atack but now is bugged and dindt apply to ranged. But phisical aversion is working properly to reduce the ranged damage. When will that bug be solved? Ty

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Its only for Melee Physical damage, its always been only for Melee.


Yeah, this unfortunately is true. They need to reword the perk better, I also thought it might apply to bow since arrows are a physical projectile attack.

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thats not true. Was reworked and renamed . Before patch it says MELE , then was reworked and renamed to to be phisical.
If u read now says phisical damage and as i said it add the damage in the PTR but when they deployed the patch it stop to work. I dont know we people talk if they dont read the perks

…it was always melee. I don’t read the perks, I look at the datasheet property aka code.

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thats not true… They change perks to be global for hibrid builds. IN PTR affects all ranged weapon because was redesigned for this. In special builds like bludnerbuss , bow with spear, trowing hatchets etc…
Love people that come here like feel a hacker and cant read perks, didnt go PTR and talk about thinks they didnt know, they never test.

what happend?

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It was renamed. Albeit a poor decision as it’s confusing players like yourself. But it’s always been physical attacks. It was never reworked. Even in the PTR. Sorry to disappoint.

also not true, IN PTR works i tested by my self . But here is another guy in you tube that test it In minute 7:20 start to test STR and he noticed same as me, In the PTR works , in the live not.

and yes now was designed about phisical atacks. And meaning of pisical atacks is all atacks that are non elemental .


It was never the case in the PTR. Yes the threshold perk was renamed. And I agree it stupid. But it’s never been adjusted for ranged attacks. No matter it’s damage type (thrust, slash. etc). Not in live, or PTR. With 100% certainty I’m absolutely sure Parfax is incorrect. It was tested with Musket, Bow and Blunderbuss. And the 10% was never accounted for in attacks.

Since it’s not a bug per say. Probably put this in feedback?

i AM 100% sure about i am talking about and i tested by my self. But what we need is clarify of this by AGS. That nerf to the live was intended? or not? is a bug? or not? thats what we need.

I didn’t see you post here! Thanks for the clarification. And thanks for your outstanding work with your calculator.

Edit: Is there anywhere where people can access previous iterations of the calc?

Is so hard a clarification of dev team?. So many players have questions about these perk, in special when all perks of 50 have make a global buffs for all kinds of clases. So is logic that if they change mele for phisical is because that buff must be provided for all weapons. same as all crit damage of int, same aof all critical chance for dex etc. So your point is STR is the only perk that stay only for mele weapons? that have 0 sense, in special when they remove mele for phisical.

It’s a fact. Not a point. Check Mixed Nuts calculator if you’re unsure.

All RANDOM critical hits. Not all.

HAve no point and 0 logic. If they make that chance to make hybrid stats to be more viable and fun, and start choice more fun and they swap int instead of MAGICAL atacks for all crit damage, etc etc have non sense they swap mele for phisical and that still only for meles. That no point in special when bluderbuss for example is at time an hibrid weapon with almost no perks for stats. 0 logic , 0 sense and AGS need to clarify. If they swap ALL STATS for hybryd builds but STR …or STR is bugged. Because at this point is worth it all kind of hybrid builds but STR.

You make valid points, I’m not disagreeing with you mate.

But they’re points and opinions. They belong in the feedback section. What you are referring to isn’t a bug.

thats what devs talk in PTR
Dual Stat Change

In order to improve the quality of crafted and looted items, we’ve made some changes to dual stat attribute combinations. We’ve changed the scaling of the primary stat to scale higher, giving these stats larger impact. We’ve also made a number of changes to the 50 threshold bonuses to encourage more stat splitting across all builds.

—We’ve also made a number of changes to the 50 threshold bonuses to encourage more stat splitting across all builds.—

Across all builds, if they change Melee for phisical… And still apply only for melee ??? non sense because people with spear bow will still using all in dex . People with blunderbuss will still ussing may be all in int or with have 0 benefits from STR, same if u use musket with spear, or Rappier with Blunderbuss ( not benefits for blunderbuss only the damage for be a str weapon , 0 sense)

That never came to fruition. It was scaled back and never was implemented.

Once, more it doesn’t belong in Bug Reports. Does it make 0 sense? Debateable. Debateable in the FEEDBACK forums.

Your statement is incurrent because they queality of dual stats never come but the change to 50 stats come to live and the descriptions too. And yes there are benefits for all builds, except STR that is the only one that not work.

They did indeed change it. From 5% to 10%