50 STR Perk bug +10% phisical damage

You are talking about is not a bug. But tell here all of u. An explanation of AGS why they swap all 50 stats for be global for all builds, including the description of Strengh, but Strengh is the only stat that finally only work for melee. If AGS didnt they nothing it didnt prove nothing is an opinion of a player. And we need an oficial answer.

The only official statment that we have and they IMPLEMENTED is this We’ve also made a number of changes to the 50 threshold bonuses to encourage more stat splitting across all builds.— so for me Strengh is bugged as hell.

You have an official answer…

If you aren’t going to listen to Mixed Nuts. You’re going to listen to no one :rofl:

Take your concerns to the feed back forums. Not here.

Is the tooltip worded poorly? Yes. Is it working as intended? It’s been working the exact same way it always has since release.

Is one of the only games that we dont have game masters to make answers or help. And no one here can explain nothing about if it is bug or intended. And if is intended descrption is wrong and must change… but 0 answers

It has always been melee. This is from PTR prior to live.

This was patch 1.5.6

The only thing that was changed was they added Heavy to the AttackType Property and changed the amount of BaseDamage from 0.05 to 0.10. It’s always been DamageIsMelee = true

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I’m not really sure, I haven’t checked on that haha. What are you looking for?

Facts. Might as well consider mixed nuts a CM when it comes to this stuff.

Ok, they didnt changed in formula, but is totally oposite what they add in to description and totally oposed about why they change all 50 atributes to affect all kind of builds. So they forgot to add to all kinds of phisical atacks? or they only did for mele intentionally¿?
Because my logic says me they didnt change to all kinds of damage, so for me is a bug. But if may be it is intentonal they must change the description because right now is not correct.

%0 str for damage to Bows, bows need lot of STR to can shot, in trowing axes makes sense, more str best for trows, blunderbuss well is a magic weapon and need some perks that make sense mix stats, right now the only stat is worth for blunderbuss is dex and is not worth go. And musket , can benefice too for see more builds with some str like hatchet or spears and muskets can be fun. Thats the proposal of that change, and that is what description says. The fact is…if they did in intentional why removed Melee?¿ melee is clearly melee and phisical is phisical obviusly. Right now says phisical not melee, so description says that rangeds must hit harder.

Lot of times they coded bad features, why this time no? i continue thinking its a bug, they forget to code ranged phisical. But no one dev can come to tell people what happend.

Try reporting a bug properly then mate, or take your “logic” to the Feedback forums. You’re just wasting your own time at this point. If you want a response, follow forum guidelines.

U are dumb. This is the bug report section. I used message in game and the help page. No one solved if is a bug or not. Is the worst support ever. No game masters, tech support never played new world. And forum only answer generic questions that all people know the answer. Terribad. May be they dont answer here because really no one know the answer

Don’t worry, i’ve done it for you.

Thanks man, really appreciate that. :unamused:

i dont think use that non sense " official sentences to report bug" make nothing change, because the bug is simple, 50 str perk didnt work as description . Didnt work for all phisical damage. I dont think that need a really large explanation, or what is my char name, or where i am playing and didnt need a screeshot… the fact is 90% of bugs didnt need nothing about this. In other MMos report bug is lot more easy, u simple open help page in game and tell “report bug” put the description and its ok. And i u select “need more help” a game master appears (a guy that really plays the game and know what is talking about and help you to report the bug

I think you’re just trolling at this point.

What you’re describing has never been the case. The tool tip is wrong. People of the community have answered your question. You haven’t thanked them. I’ve logged your issue for you. You haven’t thanked me. And now your unapoligetically going on an off topic tangent. Move on.