500 Hours in, and i decided to quit until the developers fix issues with the game

As of yesterday i decided that it was time to move on from New World after 500hours played.
If i am gonna be honest with myself i should have quit 300hours ago but i stayed because i believed in the game.

The game from the grounds up is good, the combat is new and inventive, the crafting system is good and the people in it has been inclusive and fun (Community buildt up alot of the game for me atleast.)
Here is a list of my issues with the game and why i should have quit 300 hours ago but decided that now was the time to move on.

Alittle about myself:
My real MMO adventure started with Guild Wars Origins, which was my main game for sooo many years.
After a while i started playing WoW(a month or two after the release of TBC)
Since then i have played tons of MMOs, like LOTRO, Black Dessert, ESO, Guild Wars 2 and tried many more too see how they feel.

I make video games as a hobby on the sides of having an actuall job.
My main issue there is that i never finish a project i start on but i enjoy all parts of creating a game.
I have been “developing” games since i was the age of 10, where i started out in Game Maker, and then moved on to other engines as i got older.
At this moment i am using Unity for most of my projects.

I have also been an active member of this forum in both good and bad times.
I’ve defended the parts of the game that i thought was right and given negative reviews on the things i thought are bad. (Feedback is incredibly important)


  1. The combat is stil incredibly clunky, nothing feels responsive, you press an ability and your basicly stunlocking yourself for that time.
    The same goes for Light and Heavy attacks.
    Making the whole game feel like a bad stop motion.
    The main issue with this is that you have to constantly look at your own character rather than watch how to react to the enemies, as you gotta wait for every animation to stop.

  2. Spells with cast times got additional cast time because of animations.
    A good example of this is the Divine Embrace (Healing spell) that has for some reason a cast time of around 2seconds.
    On top of this AFTER casting the spell, the animation has to finish up before it is applied, you then start wondering, what was the point of the cast timer in the first place then as you don’t apply the effects after the casttime?
    Things like this has made me lose alot of the confidence for the developers, just shows lack of polish and understanding of the game itself.

  3. Build variations, when i first started playing the game i found it fun to experiment with different weapons, i also found that picking your own spells from the talent tree was a good design choice which let you somewhat build however you wanted.
    But here is the critizism: The small talent trees makes your builds extremly limited once you’ve reached lvl 60.
    As a DPS in PvE you are forced to go with spesific talents as you’re just gonna push for dmg as much as you possibly can.
    In PvP you have alittle more choice but even there you are kinda limited by your choice and more limited on the spell parts.
    In my opinion the trees needs to be WAY WAY WAY bigger, and the spell amounts should be increased to around 5 spells per person.
    4 minor spells like the ones we have today and a 5th spell that has a more major effect(Kind of an ultimate with less of an impact.) This would really make the weapons differentiate each other and give players more to work with in combat.

  4. Dodging in this game is one of the worst mechanics i have had to see in a game, the dodge itself is ok, but the fact that you can spam it makes it so that you think less about using your dodge as a CD.
    It also creates this wierd windows of dmg, where 90% of the time you can’t attack somebody because they are CONSTANTLY using dodge, so you got this small 10% window where you have to attack, which COULD have been an ok design if not for the cast times in the game…
    Top this with the rapier having Evade which is basicly a dodge on its own, making rapier users a mess to play against.
    Dodging should have a thought process behind it, you should have to time it at the right time as a defensive CD, not just pop it whilly nilly while running and typing “Can’t touch this”.
    PvP too me feels like a dodge simulator:
    dodge-> dodge-> dodge-> dodge-> dodge-> peel->dodge->dodge->dodge->peel
    It feels horrible.

The Story

As i watched the developers talk on the video for the future of the game, they started talking about “We wanna continue the story of Isabella and what happends there”.
And i just sat there thinking “What story?”.
There is no one in their right mind that is reading every quest before starting to slay their way through it.
I have NO idea what Isabella has done or who she is, all i know is that i fought her in Dynasty before she released massive tigers upon my team.
Like Why is she mad at us?
What was she doing there?
Who is she?
Why am i fighting her?
Is she like a leader of the corrupt? Another henchmen?

The only story i know is that of Thorp who sailed there, crashed and got corrupt.
And the reason i know this was because of the cinematic.
Cinematics are how the games have to tell stories, they might be costly but those are how you make stories in games.
I was EXTREMLY excited watching the CInematic for the first time and it really gave me hopes in the game itself before release, and i was looking forward to more cinematics to develope the story, but there was nothing and 500hours in and i stil have no idea of anything about the story of anything.

General Issues

  1. Luck, i cannot fathom how you guys came up with something this farfetch’d for a design choice.
    Luck is the single most stupid of a stat that i have ever encountered in an MMO.
    (And there has been plenty of stupid stats in MMOs prior to this)
    But a stat/perk that forces you into dumping good dmg gear or good perks just for the sake of wanting to be able to drop proper items for you is just mindblowingly bad.
    When i create myself a new expensive bag i am thinking “I want encumbrance as i actually wanna increase my bag space, and then i want some other fun stat like maybe i’ll make this into an alchemy bag and reduce the weight of alchemy items” but no.
    To have a good bag i am forced to run Luck + Encumbrance, and if i don’t make a bag with those perks then i might basicly just not make the bag from the getgo, or throw away the 3000gold worth of mats that i just wasted on a bad bag.
    This goes for all gear aswell, as long as you do PvE content you gotta trade off good stats/perks for luck.
    Also not showing how much luck you have overall is also mindnumbingly bad.

  2. Gear swapping, on the note of the luck perk, gear swapping is a nightmare, not only do you have to constantly walk around with bags full of gear.
    But you can’t even save a gear set, so you have to keep track of every single gear piece you walk around with and what activity they are used for.
    Like holy moly do i not wanna switch out my gear for every activity i do ingame.
    i can accept that i wanna run around in harvesting gear when gathering mats (It is acceptable on the very lower end of the scale.)
    When creating armor, food or weapons is SLIGHTLY more acceptable.
    But put them all together and i now have a storage filled with items for PvE, PvE dmg, PvP, Harvesting, Mining, Skinning, Logging, Fishing, Cooking, Arcana(ing), Weaponsmithing, Smelting, Stonecutting, Weaving, Armoring, Engineering, Leather working and every alternative weapon build gear.
    That is 17 different gear sets for every activity in the game that i am supposed to juggle around with to be able to obtain the items i want to be able to play the game. 17 different sets not included the alternative weapon sets.

  3. The fast travel system, is an OK at best system.
    But is is bugged to heck and as it is linked with crafting i often just don’t fast travel and run by foot where i need to be, which feels exhausting when i just wanna do simple acitivities in the area like farming elite chests.
    One of the most annoying bugs with the fast travel system is the cost, having exactly 100 encumberance i sometimes pay 70a to get to shattered mountains, while other times i pay 400a for no spesificly good reason.
    If i hover it it tells me the cost is for the encumberance but it doesn’t tell me why i pay 70a one day and 400a another when i leave the same place with the same faction owning it.
    This also changed during the merge when the costs of fast traveling suddenly increased by 200%, not telling us why or how.

  4. Minimap/Compass, the compass itself is bugged and rarely shows the materials until you are standing 1m away from them making the compass nearly useless.
    What works though are the quest point which is good as you know exactly the direction of the quests you are moving towards.
    But again if i am to use the compass for ANYTHING else but the quests then it is just a waste of space on my screen, and i wish i had a minimap.
    So when someone developed a fully working and well developed minimap you guys had the choice to go “Well clearly this is what the players want, let’s call these guys up and give them proper credits for this minimap and implement it into the game right away.”
    or simply “Let’s allow this minimap addon” you guys went the other direction despite knowing fully well that your compass is not working as intended nor is it what players really want in the game.

  5. The report system which from the getgo was poor(Which i myself got to experience during the beta over a minor joke in the global chat got insta banned for 3 days.)
    Which you guys blantantly lied about in the developers video (Not automated, my bottom.)
    Obviously it is automated as people got banned when reported by massive guilds for absolutly no reason, you didn’t “manually check mass reports” as you claimed in the developers video.
    The auto system tok those reports and banned the players right away because a guild didn’t like someone they played against.

  6. The lack of end game content was something that didn’t bother me all to much at the beginning.
    But kinda realizing the amount of issues they have to fix prior to releasing new end game content (Which is most likely gonna come one Expedition at a time) it just isn’t enough for me to waste my time on ingame that i find entertaining.

  7. Releasing patch notes before patches are applied is something that is important for the players, so it kinda sucks to have the patch notes released an hour before the patch.

  8. Expeditions, the two expeditions ingame are ok, it gives the player some places to react around which is nice.
    Though the bosses don’t show much of what their “plans” of action are before initiating them, which often becomes frustrating as you kinda have to guess as to what the mobs will do.
    I do like the last boss in Genesis as it clearly shows that it is casting a global spell which you have to hide from.
    The beam is another action that kinda shows and you have to move to the side not to interrupt the combat for you party members. again great.
    The frontal dmg is understandable but lacks clarification as to it being cast.
    Sometimes you get forced to run infront of the boss and sometimes the boss turns around on its own and just casts it.
    “Did i stand in something or do something wrong? was it a bug?” nobody in the expeditions knows as the bosses are extremly vague in what they are doing and i got nothing on the ground that indicates dmg being done.

  9. Body blocking, something that makes zero sense aswell.
    Most classes in this game are melee based, and the body blocking often makes it impossible to deal dmg for most classes.
    As a tank you get pushed into walls, as melees you can’t hit.
    As ranged you stil suffer from being blocked in doorways.
    A design choice for reality, not for game sense.


Your lack of research into other MMOs has to me been proven with each week i play.
Every week i stumbled upon something that felt like an obvious mistake to me as i have been playing MMOs for so many years, and watch as they did the same mistakes.
The difference is that they fixed those mistakes only for them all to show up again in this game.
The simple amount of research that could have been done could have prevented SO many issues in this game.
All from minor mistakes to major.
I think it is ok, that you make mistakes as new developers in the MMO scene.
Nobody would think that making a mistake is wrong, and especially when entering a new massive scene like this.
But when it seems as though none of you has ever played any major MMOs in your lifetime then it really shows.
A good example of this is the lack of stats shown from gear, all MMO players know that this is super important, and it shows what to go for and why.
Though you guys have decided to leave most of this info out, and even after you add stats for us like the expertise stat (Which btw was a good change to the game, and i was soo glad when you decided to add visuals to it aswell) but now i have to constantly switch out all the weapons i wanna see the expertise of, instead of just looking at the Weapon Mastery menu too see what weapons i got at what expertise level.
So using Gypsum felt like a chore, as i had to bring along a weapon to check out the expertise or sit ther and remember every single weapon expertise i have.

Though there are things you have been doing right in the game there are SO many things you’ve done wrongly and poorly which overwrites every good part of the game.
Like crafting and housing is absolutly great and refreshing.
But crafting gets ruined by the armor sets you have to constantly swap around.
And housing gets ruined by trophies being bugged and some houses being EXTREMLY laggy
while looking into the main part of the town, while others are fine.

Final Note

As a final note i wanna thank the community through good and bad.
I played on the Serpens server where i experienced both good and bad people, despite this i appriciate them all as they together make up the community.
I think everyone here gave the game a good shot and a good chance and i think alot of the opportunity has been wasted on the developers side of things.

New World for me was a game that i was supposed to play until Ashes of Creation got released to then compare the two and pick one or the other.
But as of now and how things are ingame, i will not be going with New World anytime in the future.

And now i might start streaming again as i know the game i will stream won’t ruin my GPU if i push it to hard.

For those that feel like it, you can follow me on Twitch
I am testing my way through MMOs at the moment so hopefully i find something that suits me until Ashes of Creation releases, very excited for the release of Lost Ark in february so might stream that then.

Peace out!


I stopped playing too. Just realized it became not fun for me. Good luck fixing it!


I really need to get a reward to read all this but i feel you


If instead of mindlessly farming chests, you would have read some of the lore available all over the map in the game you would know.

I’ve spend a full day following the path of Isabella in game, collecting the lore notes.

You have no idea about the story because… you weren’t looking for it.

A lot of good points! I too felt like dodge spamming is a serious problem. It just does not feel great to fight someone who is basically invulnerable over half the time lol. I have to put roots in my build like grav or scream to feel I can do much. Speaking of, there are very limited spells to stop dodge and catch people running away. bow leg shot should be like a 50 percent slow or more for 5 seconds… instead of the useless thing it is now (10 percent slow for 2 seconds? as a bottom tier skill? What?). In fact unless a slow is around 50 percent it just feels useless, and the only things that have that are npcs (which also tend to root me for twice as long as players too… now that kills me).

Another thing is body blocking… both pve and pvp. The only thing I can figure is it is meant to make people really want to just spec ranged to avoid it. It does make combat feel a bit more real… but it is also like: you know what, I am just going to stay magic or ranged lol.

The final point I would like to bring up is the whole territory thing. Factions get terrible demoralized when they lose all their territory. I know… if they are weak they kind of deserve it. But at this time it feels like it is way too easy for a group to become powerful and sweep the map. Then they get bored because there is no more challenge for them and use their free transfers lol. Now, this problem will resolve itself as more transfers are used but I dunno… I just feel one color maps are way too common. Not sure of a good method to resolve that or help people keep a territory for their team… but would love to see it. Along with more ways to practice pvp like mock wars we can queue for with entire teams we set, ranked arena type stuff etc.

But, all the issues aside. I do have to say new world has enough good points to make me want to have my character ready to go, like a car in a garage. But as far as actually seeking out pvp aside from wars to defend our territories no thanks.

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First of all happy new wyear to you and thank you very much for making this post. I fully agree on your feedback, I share the same.

Iam still baffled 20yrs after the beggining of the mmo genre that games are released without any proper research.

Now only one thing I would add is the fact that DEVs are not to blame for this. Devs are there to create a game designed by the game designers.

How the heck these guys are tstill employed at this stage is a mystery in itself.

As you stated this game is so full of game design non sense it is tbh comical. and as you stated as well most of these mistakes are not new, they have been made numerous time in numerous other games.

Stupidity at its best.

Now having said that its all downhill for the collective west since at least 10 years… Crash & burn…

All the best to all of you for 2022.


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typical MMO player. Lol.

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This feedback starts out great then slowly kind of degrades into bitching about personal issues like getting banned probably deservedly so for saying something stupid in global. Really should have stuck to the more objective initial feedback.

Claiming they’ve learned nothing from other MMOs is absolutely horse shit, it’s obvious where they have taken ques from other MMOs…

  • 3 factions is obviously a result of seeing WoWs 2 faction system fail.

  • Classes being based on weapons and spec and not hard locked at character creation is clearly and upgrade from other MMOs.

  • The combat is better than tab targeting even if it obviously does still need refined.

  • Limited storage is a good thing brought from seeing other player driven economy games struggle with hoarding.

  • Trying to balance PvE and PvP concepts along with crafting to try to create a 33-33-33 balance to getting gear is smart even if the system needs more refinement like 580-600 gear that can roll from the faction vendor. Most MMOs are extremely PvE heavy with gear PvP and Crafting are afterthoughts.

I could go on your feedback isn’t bad overall but by the end you are off the rails.

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I made it as far as this…

Then i realized you have NO clue what you are talking about. :+1::joy:

It was not, i havn’t streamed since the release of New World, and i am just kinda thinking of bringing it up again, so no i did not make a bible post to just get new followers, thanks for the response though.

Which was kinda my point in the post, that players don’t run around reading this.
If i wanted to read a book, i would have bought a book, if i wanted visuals then i am playing the game or watching the video.
I don’t read books so i need to get server stories in the form of visuals, hence why i play video games.
So even if i was looking for it, i wouldn’t have gotn it.
Lore in the form of readables in MMOs should be additional information, it shouldn’t be the main flow of the story.

Great point (Added it to the post now) it is a major problem and i completly agree it has NO place in this type of game that is fully stacked up with melee classes that can’t hit the mobs because of collision boxes.

I also agree with you on New World having great points, which is why i put 500 hours into it with great hopes i really wanted to stick to it, but i am now kinda left unsatisfied by the whole thing.

I probably should have, but the reason i put it in is because it is a negative part i find about the devs that you get so easily banned.
Even a light joke didn’t get passed them, it was not a racist joke nor an offensive joke to anyone living to be fair, so it kinda showed me early on that typing in global gets scary as soon as someone strikes up a conversation.

Also alot of points i would challenge you on this, as the lack of research they did is kinda showing in your points:

  1. 3 Factions: Factions is a common part in MMOs and has been implemented previously and when the most played MMO of all time fails using 2 factions, adding a third to a new one is not gonna solve anything, so if anything i would say this again is just lack of research.
    Atleast the 2 factions in WoW kinda made sense although it divided 50% of the playerbase.

  2. Classes: This we agree on, it is freeing to see an MMO not locking you into classes and removing the needs for alts, i like that part of New World i think it is great and a good design choice.

  3. We actually agree on this one aswell, although basic research would have taken them to ESO forexample (Elderscrolls Online) which uses the same system, but in a more forgiving way.
    The FPS style doesn’t work well in New World there are so many hinders that ruins this.
    -Bushes ruining vision in BGs, you are basicly just shooting leafs in hopes to hit the player which is sitting under his health bar somewhere, i am not aiming at a playeranymore.
    -Bow + Musket is made for Headshotting yet the heads move all over and has hitboxes that are undefined to the point where ALOT of your spells and attacks just goes straight through their character models.
    ESO is bad overall when it comes to combat as their spells doesn’t feel impactfull, but their targetting system is done right for this genre and works great.
    So again lack of research.

  4. Limited storage is a good thing until the point of the game forcing your storage to be constantly full by stuff you don’t wanna fill it with.
    Some research would have shown them that players HATE switching all their gear out constantly.
    And if your absolutly gonna force that system atleast give the players away to Save their Equipment sets.

  5. Balancing PvE and PvP are basic MMO concepts, i’d say this didn’t require research but understanding that players wanna fight on equal grounds, which goes for all online games.

Well i did play the game for 500 hours so i kinda do.
This isn’t new critisizm either it has been brought up way to many times thus far.

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God, I’ll hop right back in if they just get their money where their mouths are. This game is a constant disaster.

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500 is nothing…

1150 Horas de juego y no estoy llorando…
Es un buen juego y a pesar de los errores ellos trabajan por arreglarlo y no es facil pero por gente que se queja por cada cosa pequeñita o tirando odio al juego no se puede avanzar :slight_smile: asi que chao este juego no es para ti… pero otro ocupara tu lugar.

You forgot to mention the awful gypsum system with its cooldowns, the ridiculously stupid Topaaz gypsum with its 10 drop limit regardless of whether or not you loot them.

Combat is certainly clunky, in its current state I can safely say I prefer a good tab target system over it. Not a day goes by that I am not cursing the game with its unresponsiveness.
Classless system is good in theory, but what we have currently is a really basic system with little choice of skills to pick in a weapon, along with very bland active skills which you can get perks for via gear that act as a poor version of ESO’s skill evolution system. In fact, a class system that enables any class to fulfill a role based on build has proven to be far more interesting than the classless system this game currently has in place.

Talking perks, most skill perks are pretty lousy and not really worth trying to get (some weapons are lucky and have numerous good ones, but most don’t), General perks are also really dull. Cooldown reduction on armour and Luck (because, you know, luck for some stupid reason is a thing). If you PvP then Resilience is the go to perk. So all in all, gear in the game is really boring - which is probably a good thing, because thanks to massive RNG it would be a nightmare trying to get an item with ‘amazing’ perks. But when you consider dull gear, a long grind to get to 590 GS before you can then start the grind again to actually try get decent loot, only for it to be very boring loot, well it is not very appealing.


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