500 rabbits and no chest

Server just went down for merge maintenance, right after I hit 3200 bunnies and still no chest.


Would you say that you may have been doing this…


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@Lebeneur - If you don’t pick it up, it expires from the world (~3 minutes) and goes back into your loot pool.

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Based on previous experiences on topaz gypsum, I highly doubt it.

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take me 1709 rabbit for my chest ! Keep the grind its just start lol

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For those looking for more information on luck, please check out this thread!

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The 3rd line in the 2nd picture shows “So the team is working on it to fix it”. Which could be interpreted as “This a bug and we’re fixing it”.

soooooooo how does that work with furnature pieces

it specifies for schematics

This was a misunderstanding with the customer support team, @buzz3791 & @Ans1l . There is no bug.

Topaz gypum does not work like this, and it utilizes the exact same Loot limit timer as Topaz. So, Either 1. Luck has no effect on the chances of gathering a chest or 2. People have missed the white bag containing their chest and their loot limit counter has incremented and they can no longer get it.

One or the other of these absolutely has to be true, because I’ve farmed 973 rabbits at this point, with plenty of luck gear on, flagged.

The odds that somebody does not receive a bag in 973 kills with even just 20% luck should be 0.0000000001075% - i.e. so infintesimly small as to be absurd.

I strongly suggest you doublecheck with the devs to have them reconfirm that their loot limit system puts things back in the pool. It never has with anything else that was limited this way in the past. (see all the comments about getting 9/10 gypsums)

Either that, or verify, again, that luck has any impact on this.

I had started farming rabbits in great cleave, which, well, a white bag would have been very easy to go unnoticed.

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please just have a dev check a few peoples accounts that have over 2000 rabbit kills

just check if it dropped as was not picked up

that data should exist no?

that part should explain that the bags may be un reachable for some reason as everyone right now IS skinning them so it would be impossible to miss it at that point.

Luck is not RNG
RNG is not luck
Luck is luck

No luck, and rabbit chest dropped for me in approx 230 rabbits(counted by rabbit meat)

Global Luck. It is a drop from killing the the rabbit. It does not specify schematics. Context matters. The statement opens, “Here are some of”. The items that follow are just examples, not specifics. Just bump up your Global Luck.

It’s working exactly the same as Topaz Gypsum, just the limit is different (31 days / 1 item):

        "LootLimitID": "House_HousingItem_Storage_T4_ChestRabbit",
        "IsItem": "1",
        "MinLimitSeconds": "0",
        "MaxLimitSeconds": "0",
        "CountLimit": "1",
        "MinLimitMult": "2678400",
        "MaxLimitMult": "2678400",
        "LimitExpireSeconds": "2678400"

So I used to say, if the topaz gypsum problem hasn’t solved yet, the problem will be persist on chest as well

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im at near max luck.

the luck it doz notzing.

        "LootTableID": "RabbitSeasonChestLoot_Probs",
        "HWMMult": "0",
        "GSBonus": "0",
        "MaxRoll": "100000",
        "Item1": "99900"

You have 0.1% chance to get it, but the luck gear should work as It’s not a lucksafe table

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per your other post its still why i think its just glitching through the floor like old missed topaz bags.

mind you im at 500 kills. im not one of those that are in the 2k plus.

seeing those 2ks are telling me something is up and is not normal.

most of them also run full luck as well so it should be even more unlikely.
in general
rng this rng that yeah its rng but it shouldnt be statistically possible.
meaning something else outside of RNG is causing an issue.

I’m at 1536 kills now after spending all my time yesterday and the day before ingame killing rabbits and still no chest although I have seen others post upwards of 3000+ kills with no chest. Plenty of Rabbits Foot and Scrumptuous Rabbit though. I know it’s just an event with RNG but 2 days spent farming rabbits instead of actually playing the game is frustrating but, as I do like the aesthetic of the chest, another day aimlessly killing rabbits coming up.
Now the server merges are kicking in, I imagine rabbit areas are going to be even more congested :frowning:

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yes, should work. So, either it does not work, or it does, but it dropped and we did not see it. No luck gear means 973 kills is not unreasonable for a .1% chance. But its wildly unreasonable for a 2-4% chance.

As we don’t have luck values on our bio, for example the luck bonus from this event for example could overwrite all your luck values, as the tooltip suggests. That’s why I didn’t use that buff, and I’ve got it after ~550 rabbits