50/100 STR bonus should apply to VG melee

The VG presents many interesting opportunities for use with a melee weapon, such as the Great Axe, Sword and Shield, Hatchet, or War Hammer. However, the 50 and 100 STR bonus melee damage does not seem to apply to its Void Blade. This is a small change, but it would be interesting to see a change to allow this interaction.

It does

It does? The last time I tested it, it did not. Let me try it again, I guess…

I just tested it again. Same as last week. No bonus damage from STR 50/100.

VG needs to be nerfed in first place, cause it is totally broken. And everyone who declaim it, are just VG mustwins users. Simple.

And first what You do is propose another buff for that weapon… Wow.

VG very weak. Scweam very weak. Vewy hawd to aim aoe root. Left clicking void bwade must be timed approwiately to hit.

Stop trolling. I do not even want to waste a time to argue with You, cause clearly You are some newbie who cant play, or You just troll.

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I’m larping a mustwin VG user

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tbh the hitbox for vg sucks ass…^^

but ye rest is busted atm

Doesn’t need it. It’s already broken OP even if you split points into int and strength.

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VG isn’t strong because it is lacking the 50/100 STR bonus. The problem is the root mechanic itself, which has nothing to do with STR.

I guess we are not speaking about the same weapons. Cause if in your opinion, the weapon who can out dmg any other melee wepon, has roots, and autoheals from attacks and a lot of debuff for an enemy then we have nothing to discuss about.

You probably VG user and thats all.

I have noticed that each time there is some broken weapon, and I mean totally broken, that every fair player would say it need nerfs, there is always some people defending that shit. ALWAYS. There was even people still defending ‘bloodlust’ passive on great axe even after nerf.

Summing up, there is no sense to discuss with people like You, if You can not see the problem. This game is about to have fun, not only win all the time. If the only thing which makes your gameplay worthable is winning all the time, then You should seriosuly consider playing any video games at all.


Actually, I am a Hatchet and Spear player primarily.

But supposing what you say is true, the VG is already outdamaging other melee weapons. Allowing them to deal less damage to diversify their playstyle with a STR weapon has nothing to do with the problems you are talking about, most of which relate to the spamming of root via IG and VG.

The GA was overtuned, but I would argue that the nerf they did was too harsh. I think Hatchet, GA, and SNS all need improvements to their tracking and hit detection.

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