50k for loosing cities

So reading the current dev blog and finding out that if I our server was to merge we would loose our investment of 100k that we made on the first day of the game. However that’s not all. We would loose over 300k in upgrades made over this time. We would also have wasted well over 200k+ in upkeep costs. This is well over 600k gold we have lost from owning and defending our city in countless wars.

Where as the server we merge on top of looses none of this? They keep there “defenders” advantage we all know exists especially since my company have never lost a defence over 20+wars. They also get to keep all gold spent on upgrades, upkeep and such.

I fully understand server merges have to got to happen. Some servers are dying. But please refund the full amount of the citites+upgrade costs too the respected companies. This is the only way to make fair across the board.

My opinion would be that it would be better for a new game mode to be released along with the merges such as king of the hill where all 3 50v50v50 factions have to fight out for each respected town then a roll of the dice for the winning faction on which company gets the town. This could obviously be a polished out idea. But it would keep it fair.

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Are you kidding me? It’s like you would wan’t all ur stuff back that you have sold on auction house because you could’ve sold it with better prices on new server after merge, or you would want all your gold back that you’ve spent on auction house buying stuff because you could’ve bought it cheaper on new server after merge… Just DEAL with it and take over territory after merge… It’s not like you’ve spent your personal gold. All the gold spent was taken from people taken in taxes anyway…

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It’s not about the fact we’re loosing all this money, it’s about the server we merge into or they merge into us, they will keep all money spent on cities and keep defenders advantage

Second to that, we play on a low pop server, our city costs more then we make. We just all put a few thousand cold towards upkeep each week. So yes. It’s cost us personal

And you have made profit with the town before and now you get a small amount on top to cover the lost territory and with the server merge you can go ahead and attack anyone you like and use the gold to keep upgrading both the town and your gear to have an advantage.

The majority of the upgrades and expenses you had were covered by the taxes. This is not your gold, this is the gold from the players who visited your town to do things and paid for it. Why would you deserve it?

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