50K per territory for servers that lose them in merges?

So govs spawning in a town first can buy it? How is that fair?

But I guess everything is a “punishment” somehow and people will never be happy.

Apparently companies being able to rob town treasuries just prior to merge is not enough gold for them.

per territory.

They should have given the companies a free “token” to declare war instead. Otherwise this 50k per territory on tiny servers will just be taken as personal wealth.

lol all they money we put in the territories you want to exchange them for just a free token war ? haha nice joke

50k isn’t alot for a company. it costs 15k just to declare war.

Doesn’t change the fact of toxic behaviour is being rewarded.

After server merges what is gonna stop these mega companies repeating the process over and over, painting the map and killing the new server? They won’t care as they know they’ll get another merge and another “compensation”.

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it should be 50k total if you own at least one territory and not per territory. Because companies are win-trading to get most territories, and that’s not fair. Most territories are abandoned, so it’s trivial to get them, there should be no compensation for that.
They should also ignore any company created in the last month, and check similar names to avoid the “I create a fake company just for the 50k” trick.

There are people from reddit who claim to be in those companies from merged servers and they received only single 50k compensation for multiple territories. This is fair IMHO. News unconfirmed.


Just one off for 50k for 1+ zones


More like most situations…

Oh, you sacrificed your personal wealth to invest in the territory upgrades did you? Or you upgraded it from the taxes paid by other players?

Same story on my server but it is one large green company and one large purple. the server is fucked for anyone that rolled yellow. There was a yellow company that ruled Oponskoye like a month ago but they took all the gold and transfered and now it’s a fucking mess with like 20-50 online max. These territory rewards are going to completely fuck covenant to where there will be no yellow and it will literally be Purple vs Green. Eventually all of yellow is going to stop playing on this server it’s already really bad.

Where exactly is toxic behaviour rewarded? Did they say 50k for toxic behaviour or 50k for losing a territory? Getting a territory is not toxic behaviour, it’s part of the gameplay, and that is the only thing what you get the COMPENSATION for (it’s not a reward, you lose something after merge). Some are gonna wear green socks while getting a territory, other will behave in a toxic way, which doesn’t mean that either of those things have anything to do with the compensation.

Win trading, and one faction/company taking the whole server is 100% toxic and will cause people to quit

Thata a fair amount, they are basically buying them out and funding their next war.
And compensating them for money spent.
Nothing to complain about here unless you are against server mergers.

I’m more worried about house compensation. Most likely many will want to move after merger, the ability to sell a home or at least get a one time reimbursement for those that want to move would be fair.

I imagine many companies are just sitting on their wealth till mergers, they will be fine, AGS should focus on the individual issues coming with mergers.

in some sort yes, my company had 2 territories since start of my server and we put a lot of money to buy them and upgrade in the beginning, my server is near dead now and we let 2 other companies ( max 20players each) get a territory.
Of course the tax got us money but as last big active company, we keep upgrading when losing lvls to invasions … in the end for me we deserve some kind of recompense for that .

I have found the post I saw before. Here’s what it says, along with the link.

Server Merges

Server merges are on the horizon. But what does this actually mean? There are a few action items that need to be addressed before we are confident that merging worlds will be a net positive experience for our players.

We need to test our technology. We had tested world merges in Closed Beta which caused a persistence issue that has since been resolved, and we continue to test merges with our team and non-public worlds. Since Beta, we have addressed issues as they arise, and have added quality of life changes like a countdown timer for worlds set to merge. The Public Test Realm (PTR) provides us with our next opportunity, tentatively scheduled for Monday morning (PST), to further test this technology before using it in the live game.

When we are ready to take this technology to your worlds, there are a few things we look at in order to determine if the world is a candidate for merge, including but not limited to population size and overall engagement.

Tactically, worlds are merged within a world-set. This allows us to streamline the merge process by removing the requirement to check for multiple characters per player (this is why only one character is allowed per world set), as well as checking language recommendations (recommendations are made at the set level).

But there is more nuance to these merges. Once we’ve identified a world as a candidate for merge, we compare it to the existing worlds by reviewing elements like faction representation and overall population in the set to find the most optimal partner world. While we cannot guarantee exact matches, we make every attempt to choose worlds for merge that are complementary.

Players on worlds identified for merge will be informed in advance of the plan. Players with characters on a merge candidate world will not lose their progress (including gold, items, faction, and company); however, territories will belong to the companies on the partner world. For example, if World X is confirmed as a merge candidate, and World Y is identified as the partner world:

  • Players on World Y are not impacted, other than an influx of players on the world. World Y territory ownership persists after the merge. Companies are compensated 50K Coin, which is 3.3x the cost of war, for loss of territory ownership due to a world merge.
  • World X characters are relocated to World Y - characters, companies, housing, gold, and owned items remain intact, but territory ownership will not persist on the new world.

[Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2 - Developer Corner - New World Forums

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