580-599 Split Stat Items are missing a Stat point

All split stat items in the 580-599 gear score range are missing a stat point. Single stat items are giving +24 while split stats are giving +23 which is the same as the 560-580 gear score range. 600 GS items correctly give +15 / +10 while 580- 599 split stats are giving +14 / +9. Given that it is already harder to itemize with split stats there should not be a penalty for items in this one gear score range. Please either make it +15 / +9 or +14 / +10.


Noticed today as well, it sucks

Bump. Please fix this AGS. It is a really easy fix. There is no reason that 580-599 split stat gear should have the same stats as 560 gear just because you guys are horrible at programming and couldn’t properly handle fractional numbers.


Bumping this everyday until it is acknowledged. While this is annoying on dropped gear it is a killer for crafted gear when you are already rolling the dice with 4k-5k+ in materials. It is very frustrating that with jewelry and armor you are more likely to roll split stat gear rather than single stat gear since they all have the same probability of being created but there are more permutations of split stat gear.

No post regarding this had an official answer.


Are you sure it’s a bug? maybe just items with split stats are just supposed to be worse than items with single stats.
What will the developers say about it?

Bump. There is no reason that items with split stats should have less stats and if you look at the various stat break points they are equal in many cases but only are unequal in certain ranges. You can see from the way that stats increase on various item pieces that at certain GS break points the split stats “catch up” and it is likely due to some rounding that is done.

I looked at GS 500 to 600 and the stats you get from them. The first set of numbers is for weapons and the 2nd set is for armor with the first number following the GS being the split stat total and the second set being the flat stat total. If split stats were meant to be worse then I don’t see why they would have break points where they would be equal rather than always being at a disadvantage. Having a disadvantage for split stats would be dumb anyway though since it is actually more difficult to incorporate split stats into a build than it is flat stats.

Weapons Armor
500 24 24 – 500 20 20
510 24 25 – 510 20 21
520 25 25 – 520 20 21
530 25 26 – 530 21 21
540 25 26 – 540 21 22
550 27 27 – 550 22 22
560 27 27 – 560 22 23
570 27 28 – 570 23 23
580 27 28 – 580 23 24
590 28 29 – 590 23 24
600 30 30 – 600 25 25

Pretty sure its meant to be this way. 600 ilvl are leggy items, thus always giving them 25 stats. everything below, pure stat wins by 1, vs split stats.

That isn’t true. Look at the chart. There are many GS points where they are equal.

That’s true mb! ^^
Didn’t even realise there was these “breakpoints”. However, everything below 580 is kinda not super attractive to max-lvls when trying to equip the best possible gear I guess :slight_smile:
Prolly that’s why I’m so use to only looking at gear where splitstats vs pure stats are +1

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Bump x 1,000,000. This is keeping me from 150 dex in my build. I’m losing 7 points right now!


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bump for justice