590-599 will be upgradeable to 600 in new patch

Seems you’ll be able to upgrade 590-599 epics into 600 gear. Doubt they’ll upgrade to 600 “legendary” and roll a random perk. But this means your nearly BiS purples will no longer be useless.
However this raises the concern of crafting trophies. Will they be useless if you can upgrade a 590 with BiS perks instead?


Personally I think they should have only 595-599 upgradeable to 600 so trophies still hold value. OR have the cost of shards from 590 to 595 be far greater than 595 to 600


or how about we think about everyone in the game and not just the top 1% ? … just a thought.


This solves that in a way no? Before this only the rich could get BiS 600 legos to upgrade to 625 in mutations. Now your average player can get their 590-599s up aswell as start getting legos (which seem to drop very often) from mutations.
It’s not a fix everything update to this patch.
But it’s a tiny step to fixing a patch that a large group of players seem to dislike.
I know people would’ve preferred February’s Bugs, Bots and balancing patch this month instead, myself included, but this is what we got.
They’re obviously taking feedback and going to make changes so let’s make the best out of this patch if we can.

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Well you have to factor in time. I’d imagine it won’t be quick to go from 590 to 600 via shards. So the choice would be would you get a BIS 600 item, or do you want to spend the time to upgrade.

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My thought would be how far can an average pre made group of 5, in discord, with 590-599 gear, with decent perks made for mutations go.
If they can’t even pass the first one then yes. The grind will be horrible and this change would be useless. But if they could get to say 3,4,5 even, maybe it won’t take too long to upgrade.
Getting gold on tier 1 got one item to 611 I believe, may have been tier 2. It was over the weekend

They won’t get an extra perk…like I said several days ago. :slight_smile:

As they shouldn’t. If they got an extra perk it would really lower the feeling of rolling a legendary.

Epic won’t be “Legendary”, just GS goes up and no additional perk for your purple thing. GG


Well that’s good to hear in my opinion.

This is a good compromise.


Thanks for this change. Now lets hope my investment in cheap purple bis pays off.

Major trophies would still give you a 1/6 chance of a 600 gs item.

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May be the dumbest and hottest take ive seen on the fourms

Still not a fan of the Gearscore increase. I feel like all they do is damage control instead of reworking or holding a system that the community clearly is not happy about in the first place.

After all AGS is not really listening to their playerbase if they go through with this, even with this compromise.

Good change.
Since alot of players have 595+ Gear with 2 good Perks.
I’m fine with this. Means I don’t need Legi/New Gear for max. Mutation and I (others) don’t get perfect gear too easily.

Why would it? People will still want to craft 600 legendaries.

Hey that’s me! :wink:

Which is true. But it’s far easier to roll a BiS epic than a BiS lego. If people find you can push to tier 10 in upgraded 590s than the need for legos go down wouldn’t it? Of course a BiS legendary is still highly wanted, but if you don’t need it, it won’t be worth the money.

Yes you’re correct, however if you’re the one crafting you still want that elusive 600 proc with great stats and perks. The chase is what keeps us playing.