590-599 will be upgradeable to 600 in new patch

Best Nickname ever.

Same boat here. Really glad to see the devs are making this adjustment.

This is an excellent change and very welcome.

Still means I’d better find better hatchets at some point (I have a 587 and a 584 which have great stats for me) but takes the pressure off other weapon sets and gears.

As for WH, big shout out for Tank73 for crafting me 3 out of 5 600gs wh using timeless so now I have a 600gs.

But still think this is fantastic news, will enable the market to retain value below 600gs and still means those 595-599 crafts in particular are worthwhile buying.

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Agreed on that. We love a chase

Shouldn’t be too hard to crest over that 590 point with most gear! Kinda gotta spend some time looking for people selling stuff cheap in chat and on TP tho :confused:

Yeah, not hard for me really, got a 597 hatchet now for general play, still looking for a decent corrupted 595+.

If 590 epics don’t upgrade into 600 legendary with 3 attributes instead of two…
Then you can take this whole umbrial system…

Nobody is going to invest in epics. People are going to save for that gold 600. Take a look at prices of random gold vs epics at 600 with decent perks. People always overpay for legendaries. Fair solution would be to roll a dice on upgrade to 600 to make legendary possible.

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to bad they increase the gear score to 625, so those 600 geared items are still going to be worthless

do the 600GS item become soulbound when you level them to 625 via umbrial shards?

If they can upgrade a 590->600 and 600->625 why would anyone pay for an THIRD perk slots and the orange color?

The stats are EXACTLY the same.
The perks are EXACTLY the same.

There is no DMG increase, they are the SAME ITEM with ONE LESS PERK

How many 600s have PERFECT PERKS? So you want to pay 10-40k more for an extra perk and +1 stat point?

After the patch you can upgrade ANY 590 gear 600 and get your 300 / 200 spits.

You can CRAFT 590 WEAPON and ARMOR using just TOLVIUM/CINNABAR. (200 Armoring-Weaponsmithing/MaxTrophies/Gear/Food/Buff) for WAY cheaper than attempting to make something 600. 1 in 6 chance at a 1 in 45 chance of getting a useful 3rd perk.

BiS 600 god rolls or NAMED leggos will still have value.

Because you can have third useful perk and investing into epic is always going to bring fomo.

You’re obviously being ignorant on purpose. You don’t need a useless third perk. Maybe you do to justify yourself to your peers. It is not necessary and anyone can look at the current market and assess that it’s not worth it to buy a 600 for 80,000g when the same axe with one less perk less than 5,000g.

If you want to be that guy paying for an extra perk you don’t use or the color “orange” (OMFG ITS ORANGE) then… good for you?

I think (in my opinion, whether right or wrong)
Just craft your epics using the timeless shard+mods, roll the 2 perks you want.
If you have a tradeskills to craft your own gear you can roll for legendaries since you get aptitude boxes.
If not then farm gold to buy 2 perfect perks +1 good/useful/perfect perk from the trade post so you aren’t yoloing it from timeless shards.

But this is just how I see it

That’s a very strange statement. You may want to rethink that :slight_smile:

I’m a skill grandmaster that used to live of crafting. I’ll give you the most recent example. I crafted many VGs with timeless shards for keen. 598 keen + enchanted sold for only 4k while 600 keen, enchanted, voracious blade sold quickly for 30k. It’s not me but the market. The idea seems fine but considering that people are willing to pay upwards of 10x the price for the third perk, not many are going to use it unless umbrall shards are going to be in high supply.

You just proved my point. If you or some other person want to pay 9x as much for one extra perk go ahead. The person who bought your Keen VG for 4k is smart. An even smarter person would just buy a 590 with those two perks (keen,ench) for even less than that and get their skill on gear.

You seem to be misunderstanding why people are buying 600 GS right now (aside from the 3rd perk). It is to get 500 total attribute stats. No one cares about your three perks unless it is a GOD ROLL or NAMED item (worth the 9x). I was calling your ignorance of that statement I made in that regard. That’s kind of why I quoted my statement.

Make 590 epics worth buying…
If its 590 with 2 good rolls and right stats and you can use Umbrial shards for a chance at becoming legendary with a good 3rd roll.
I’m all in…
Otherwise it makes using Umbrial shards on 590 useless and defeats the whole point of making them useable on 590 items in the first place.
I’m all for it


Upgrading 590/595-600 == same Umbral cost on PTR

Upgrading 600+ EPIC >>> LEGENDARY == ‘xxxx’ cost

  • Named drops get the third predetermined perk
  • Crafted / dropped items roll a random perk

It’s just a numbers game. For example it could be the same cost of 624-625.

This fits their design language for time gating, gambling RNG, grinding and daily engagement. Almost everything a crafter would ever make would sell – excluding Reinforced and harvesting.

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You just said the magic word “chance”. Every DPS who tries to upgrade their 600 with a 3rd perk and gets Hated will love their now useless weapon! But hey… it’s ORANGE!

People just don’t get it. It’s fine at 590-625. It’s fine without them turning into legendries.

3 perk 600s STILL EXIST and will continue to be made/looted. All this feature does is extend the life of 2 perk 590s until you can find your perfect 3rd perk item.

^this yes!
That way any thing i craft thats 590+ epic = very slim chance of getting that magic 3rd roll.
Even if it next to

will stop me from being as disheartened when you get one so close.

If it roll hated, well at least it had a chance