590 faction equipment

I’d like their to be some 590 faction armor, leave that to the lvl 60s. Have blue/rare ward set options, and then a purple/hero pvp set with refreshing and resilient.
Then make the melee weapons all have enchanted and refreshing move.
Lifestaff blessed and refreshing move, all other mage weapons keen/vicious.
Bow/musket/blunderbuss have enchanted/keenly empowered.

Lower the 520gs faction armor requirement for lvl 50 cause getting gear 50-60 is very difficult.
Then make it corrupted ward instead of resilient to get people past the hurdles of depths and dynasty.

Add some of the harder to obtain craftmods to the faction shop make those versions BoP.


This has been asked for numerous times, a faction store rework. It’s completely outdated and a new store to help new players get their foot in the door would be a good change. But AGS doesn’t seem to care.