595-600 armoring bug



This has been around since the start of the game, hilarious that it’s still a thing.

Believe the solution was to remove trophys and fully log out? By fully log out, I mean make sure your body is out of the game completely. Think it takes 5ish mins?

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City buffs from having a house there are loaded in when you enter world. You log in with 5 sec of city buff left? You gonna lose it after 5 sec. But UI does not refresh. So if you won’t check in bio if crafting buffs are ongoing then you might end up seeing that you can craft 595-600 when in reality its 590-600. Same thing other way. If a new crafting buff gets added you gonna see 590-600 but gonna be crafting 595-600. To fix it simply log out for about 3 minutes so your character can dissapear from the world and then it get loader again once you log back in.

Or this might be different but similar looking bug. It’s New World, so we cannot be sure.

buff had about 2 days left, i rolled 6 chest pieces fine with scarab, used azoth bottles to craft again and got 591s, darkdayy’s solution worked

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ye doesnt matter had this Bug on Ptr, where the Buffs are permanent.


bump this Bug is still on ptr. crafted 591, with 595-600 chance…

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teste again on PTR

made my own +5 armoring Earrings ( perhaps the Playtester Stuff wasnt working )

yet still the Bug



bump btw u forgot the PVP craft MODS

also this @Centeotl