5v5 team javelin dodgeball

So I came up with this idea to do this in and around New Years, and for the last four weeks on Mag Mell US West, my company Bearly Friends has hosted Javelin Dodgeball. We take no entry fees, give gold prizes right from our treasury and put out an open invite in global, yesterday we had a turnout of 30 players for 6 full teams, we gave away 45K gold in prizes.

We select a War Camp on a weekend day for the site, we use the tent in the middle of the War Camp since you have to be flagged to go into the fort, and this allows pick up teams from different factions to form. The players strip down, armed with only a spear, and the only ability they are able to use is the Javelin. The teams play best 2 out of 3, and they swap sides every round due the table being cover. If you are hit you are out. last team standing or standing with the most players at the end of the duel timer wins the round. The war Camp is idea because it is standardized, and not too large of an area. the pole in the middle both teams can move around it, but may not exceed the threshold of the doors on either side. This is only picking up traction and this is something that is a happy accident for this game.

All you have to do is convince one company making way more gold than they need to host it, or band together and put up some prize pool, we plan to do a grand tournamnet once we can get 16 teams, and to speed it up multiple war camps will be used.

I want to see this idea catch on like wild fire.

The first week turnout was only enough for 2v2 and 4v4 contests, but we just had 6 five man teams duke it out for 45K gold.

Let’s make this a thing.


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