[5v5 Tournament] Big Pylon Championships - Maramma

Event Promotional Video: New World: Big Pylon Championships US East Maramma - YouTube

Host Name: CaptJackSparr0w & KatContii

Server/World: US East/Maramma

Event Name: Big Pylon Championships

Time and Date: August 14th 8 PM EST Moved to 9:30 PM EST / 8:30 PM CDT

Event Description: 5v5 Tournament Single Elimination

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Create a free account and design your team:

Join Discord:

  • Big Pylon Energy
  • Follow the rules in the team-signup channel after registering here!


  • Create a team: Log In - Challonge
  • August 14th 8 PM EST / 7 PM CDT Moved to 9:30 PM EST / 8:30 PM CDT
  • twitch: Twitch
  • First 16 or 24 teams will be selected
  • Single Elimination
  • Finals are best of 5
  • All other matches are best of 3
  • 10k entry fee per team
  • First/Second/Third prize: 250k/50k/30k (MAY CHANGE)
  • Location will be announced 1 hour before it starts


  • All Pots & Buffs are allowed
  • 60 seconds between rounds & matches
  • Two heals max per team
  • 5 minute round time limit
  • If the time limit is hit: Team with the most members up wins
  • If both teams have equal numbers at the time limit, select 1 player from each team for 1v1–1 round
  • If a creep is hit outside of the area we designate, it will result in a round auto loss for that team (~>100 meters)

my name is kagan and I support this message.

cant wait !!!

Ohh exciting!

Hmmm… Noted.

Gonna be a fun time ^-^


:eyes: Looks fun! Do either of you have a twitter link we can retweet to promote the event?


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Love it! Thank you!


Do you have to be on Maramma server to participate?

Yes. We welcome any transfers :slight_smile:

I want in, but I’ve got no friends.

Can play basically anything but hatchet/spear.

HMU here or on Discord! I’ll even pay for entry if theres a fee!

Put down your solo information in the pugs-lfg-needteam group!

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Woo woo! Good luck to all!

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You can join my team. Join the pylon discord and I’ll hit you up.

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Here you go @TrevzorFTW

can’t wait to hear how it goes :smiley: good luck to you and all those who participate