600 Crafts not giving any umbral shards

Anyone else having this issue? My 600 crafts haven’t been giving me any umbrals shards at all since the patch before the last mini patch. Any fixes?

Was your expertise for the slot you crafted at 600? You won’t get the umbral if its not…

This is one of the major issues I had with Umbrals. As an armourer and engineer, I figured I didn’t need to get my expertise up for any slots other than jewelry based on the original gypsum system, since I would be crafting my own stuff for the other slot.

But surprise! They bait and switched and forced us crafters to go back and get expertise on the other slots to hit 625,

Should have mentioned it. My expertise in those slots are 619 around.

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Incase someone still having this issue. I verified my files and it fixed it.

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