600+ hours - Thoughts & Suggestions QOL Improvements

As I have played this game and really enjoyed it, there are a few QOL things that I think would help players seamlessly enjoy the content of New World. The biggest gripe I have with the current state of the game is if you’re not playing during “busy” time for your server, you are VERY limited to what content you can play. OutPost Rush, 3v3, and Expeditions are very hard to play if there are not enough online players on YOUR server. (Very excited for cross-server OPR) I will talk about this later. Also, online player counts don’t always mean those players are queuing for those contents.

  • Expeditions
    Should have their own section in the “Game Modes” Tab of the game’s main menu.
    Example: From Game modes, there should be a new tab next to OPR and 3v3 called Expeditions. It should list all the player’s unlocked dungeons (have to visit them first) where you can select the expedition of your choosing and would have the group finder button there.
    Using the map to click on the dungeon is tedious and frankly feels pre-historic.

  • Cross-Server Group Finder - Sometimes it can take up to an hour to gather up a group for a mutation dungeon. To throw a wrench in, there are 10 different levels of mutation which enormously narrows down the chances of finding other players that want or can do that particular mutation level. I’d like to see a cross-server group finder come shortly after OPR cross-server.

  • OutPost Rush
    Cross-Server! Cross-Server! Cross-Server!
    After cross-server kinks are ironed out, OPR should have a class-based balancing system where you choose your role, and the matchmaking system attempts to create teams based on x-healers |x-dps | x-tanks

  • 3v3
    Same thing as OPR, Cross-Server, and a class-based matchmaking system.
    Create a 3v3 ranking system, and tournaments.

The common theme here is that servers are too small, and cross-server needs to be introduced to every piece of content. OPR should just be the first.

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