600GS Legendary Bags

Just a thoguht why dont we have legendary bags when we roll 600gs bags?

We have it for everything else but bags (legendary status). Would be a nice edition considering the amount of investement required to make a 600gs bag.


It’s actually crazy that bags can’t roll legendary when they are so expensive to craft. I was absolutely shocked to find that a chance at a 600gs bag would be 45 runic leather, 25 phoenixweave, and 10 asmodeum. My server is pretty active and that would be almost 10k per roll.


bump for legendary bags
edit: & tools


yeah its actually crazy the amount needed.

Bump for tools as well


Anyone know if you can craft legendary ironwood fishing poles?

Agreed, got my first 600 bag and no change in color or extra perk. So expensive and so disappointing. Nice job AGS.

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also very curious about this

I haven’t personally attempted it but I believe you can from what I have read. As long as an item takes 3 resource types it is doable if you have the necessary food + gear.

you can get 600 gs, there isnt a legendary variant.

Lol so the only legendary fishing pole in the game is the final quest reward one? How lame…

Yeah not even worth investing resources for 600gs poles

@Luxendra any clue why we can’t get legendary bags? Cost a lot of mats and is quite disappointing when you roll 600 and it’s blue…

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Pump for Legendary Bags and Tools !


I wish they were orange at least, same with tools and azoth staff.

It’d be nice to have some for housing items also. Maybe even things with their own animations.

@Luxendra is this intentional or are we suppose to be able to roll bags with extra perks that are legendary?

Can you post an Image of a 600 GS Bag? Would like to see if it is even worth it weight wise.

The only legendary bags are the teabags I drop on a great axe user after I last hit them from behind my brute.

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Bump @Luxendra can we not get this in game and if so is there a reason? Don’t see why spending 4 days of 24 hours cooldowns why we don’t get a shot at an extra perk….