600GS Tier 5 Musical Instrument shopping list

Here is the required skill levels and all items you’ll need to craft an entire set of 600GS, tier 5 Virtuoso’s Instruments. These items are all the fully refined items you’ll need in the current game. Some of these items are the raw materials for items you’ll need to craft in the new update, using the level 50 refining skills.

Furnishing Skill 150

Leatherworking Skill 50

Stonecutting Skill 50

Engineering Skill 50

12 Brilliant Pearls

12 Brilliant Gems

182 Obsidian Sandpaper

32 Obsidian Flux

16 Aged Tannin

40 Orichalcum Ingots

25 Star metal Ingots

20 Steel Ingots

15 Iron Ingots

40 Gold Ingots

80 Rugged Leather

175 Ironwood Planks

100 Wyrdwood Planks

275 Lumber

50 Timber

200 Stone Bricks

48 Catfish Whiskers

16 Snail Slime

4 Reeds

250 Mahogany Stain

125 Oak Stain

100 Maple Stain

75 Ash Stain


This is great! Thanks for breaking it down like this!

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