600GS Tools and Brimstone Update

In the new update if you craft a 600 it turn into legendary what will happen whit those are 600GS right now and blue ?



Thats a Good question because my pickaxe is a godroll

And Bags can Turn in Legendary Too ?

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I believe it will behave like any other equipment now.

If you buy a 599GS epic from the market, it stays epic after 600+ (unless it is named)

So, unless a bag/tool is named, I suspect it’ll be the same deal and you will not gain any more perks. However, it would be beneficial if they give us the ability to umbral bags/tools to improve the existing perks


There are no named Tools/Bag around 600 GS, so prob no new perk.

What did you mean with improve existing perks?

Higher GS would improve the potency of effects like Extra Pockets

I did roll some tools at PTR it was hard to get Lego. But couldn’t roll bags there was no rune of holding on market, what I found is that even Lego tools CAN’T be upgraded with shards

Yes this !

To note:. Currently timeless stopwatches are the only way for shields to roll 600 legendary, this may be the same case for bags (not confirmed but speculating)

I can check this at PTR but I check the tools are able to get them legos after alot of rolls.

I need to check if there is ppl selling the holding runes already on the PTR to roll bags.

Edit: Still no Rune of holding on PTR, there are no packages that includes them.

Okay wait, After Release it exist Named Tools ?

I doubt we’ll get any named bags capable of legendary perks.

AFAIK we only have the gator bag atm.

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i want to know what happens to our 600gs tools and bags


to Craft bags / Tools are insane expensive and we Cant use Timeless shards or anything like that so far

We all Know its hard to get the Right Perks on it, i Hope AGs Know that

Need info about this. really !

If I have 600 GS bags now, I wonder if they will be upgraded? Would they just remain blue? Become legendary and roll an extra random perk plus the increased buff duration one? Hmm.

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I am wondering the same, if they are not upgraded it will be really expensive get a new 600GS

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I think we Need to Craft new tools to make it Legendary, its sad but i think Thats it