625GS + I have achieved all my goals and I don't want to create new ones

What should I do about the situation? I’ve maxed everything out even in all the city warehouses, and that’s how many Umbral Shards I have left… Is there any point in collecting more?

New World Screenshot 2022.04.18 -

Keep’em for new gear that eventually is added, you need 9164 per piece when going 600 → 625. So you can upgrade 4 1/2 new pieces of gear right now.

But that’s it, besides PvP there won’t be anything for you to do or used them on. I highly doubt this game will add something where you need the proper “gear” for enemy types any time soon.

not much shards, but i would advise keeping and keep farming them for newer sets and weapons.

With that amount of shards you can 625 only five pieces.

I’m currently working on each ward set to 625 now I have my PvP build done and my war build 625. Running M10s has made me some gold too from some bis items I’ve rng rolled from the chests from gen/laz

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