7 Day Respawn Timer

7 Day respawn timer. Tried to respawn because I wasn’t able to interact with anything.


Still faster than most ques.


LOL. The Utopia queue is insane… I’m currently in 24,174

See you in 7 Days lol.


See you then my friend LOL

Same glitch here.

User: PolarShock
Server: Yama

JC have respawned in 3d only! :slight_smile:

Same here (I also have 7 days Inn CD).

User : Sogardun
Server : Yama

Also having the issue. HELP!

Server: Yama
Username: Bno

Can’t repsawn either the spawn time says 7 days. And I’m not waiting in a 25k queue. Can a GM please spawn me.

IGN: porgieTV
Server: Utopia

I also have a 7 day respawn timer on AP Servers can you fix this issue already

Server: Utopia
Username: Netizen

also having same issue on Utopia, character is Poanage

Same issue - DivinedSilence on Yama

Hey there,

did you try to relog to the game? This should fix your Cooldown.

Have a good time

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