75'000 for bundles is ridiculous

To not have skins available to purchase outside of bundles sucks. Especially when these bundles cost 75’000 credits.
Come on.


ive just posted the same thing , why are they bundled together , and suprise suprise u just cant buy 75000 credits either…


not gonna lie, but just to get one bundle is pretty much 100 bucks. What a great black friday deal…


Honestly it’s BS to not sell them individually and package them into expensive bundles with all these random skins and housing items you’ll most likely never going to use.

If they want to rerelease sought after skins and they know they’re going to sell well, just make them 25k instead of 15k or somethin and it would still feell 1000% more fair than what they’re doing with these bundles.


Just let us buy the skins without the bundle id like to get the Metal raven set but theres no way i pay like 70€ because i wantv one set of the bundle

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To buy two bundles… it will cost 135 bucks…

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Black Friday “Sale”

They won’t be this cheap next time!

200 Bucks for the next Bundle - But wait, every single Instrument Skin is included, yeeey!

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They gotta’ get what they can from this waiting room of an mmo :laughing: while they can.

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