80% positive reviews is proof these forums are filled with haters

The thing is they revamped the early game so it’s actually a decent experience. So people play for a while and give a decent review now. Then they get to end game when it sucks and don’t bother going back to change their review.

So revamping the early parts of the game was actually a good move from a marketing perspective but has done nothing to address the core issues of the game.

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I have a 3060ti GPU and Ryzen 5600x CPU. 32 GB 3600ddr ram. It’s not my pc. I also have fiber optics internet. This is a frustrating response to hear many people make, as it sidesteps the very real performance issues new World still has. People having issues as a result of a relatively low end pc, and new world itself having performance issues are not mutually exclusive.

Man I still had issues with a 12900k and 3090TI.

Only when I finally upgraded to a 4090 did all the problems finally stop for the most part.

Unfortunately only 57% of reviews by people who have played 100h+ are positive. 69% of ALL reviews are positive. Let’s at least be honest with each other and not skew the statistics.