820h played: PVP Balance Feedback & OPR ideas

Hi folks,

First im gonna give my suggestions to improve PVP (balance) for the current meta in WAR / PVP / OPR. JTLUKNOW: I’ve played all weapons and tried most meta builds just to learn & understand all synergies. Currently I am stuck with VG / LS with a heavy armor build for any kind of WAR / PVP / OPR as I truly enjoy this build due to personal preference - but there’s definately something wrong in here. As for balancing I am a big friend of baby-steps and not over-nerfing things.

Void Gauntlet problem:
Too strong overall - but this mainly comes from denying / negating other players options for too long with root and basicly rip them naked with oblivion. Here lies the frustration for other players, they get robbed of all their buffs and then get rooted amidst, while taking increased damage. I wouldnt touch the DPS to not erase the VG‘s initial purpose, but bring debuffs in line for PVP. Esp. scream / oblivion / blade combo is lacking common sense.

My proposed Void Gauntlet fix (PVP reasoned):

1.) Keep overall DPS as the core problems are root & oblivion

2.) Petrifying Scream

  • Root-duration reduced from 2s to 1,25s
  • bone-chilling-voice perk. effect reduced from 1s to 0,5s. (As of now it’s adding another 1s to root if the target is below 50% health, which often is the case when the VG-player is going for a straight finish. This is ruining gaming-experience for a lot of players when they‘re already low on health, trying to escape and actually I believe that most people dont know that they suffer from this perk lots).

3.) Oblivion
Lets see: you remove all active buffs, basicly rendering anyone naked (vanilla) via the nullifying oblivion perk. Then you give empower for yourself and allies, boost everyone‘s stamina and inflict weaken on top - plus (!!) there‘s a weapon damage tick inside of he cirlce as well. Did I miss something? Remember: CDRs to cast oblivion still play in (from armor perks like refreshing and harvest) and also with the right-side ulti „grimpse oft he void“ if you want to have it ridiculously spammable (for wars especially). So. Overall oblivion is just extremely effective and spammable if you want to force it for wars.

Possible Fix:

  • CD from 20s to 30s (remember: CDRs, harvest and „glimpse“ still apply)
  • decreased it‘s radius by 10%
  • removed the weapon damage tick completely (30% damage for 6s)
  • reduced empower from 20% to 10% (6s)
  • reduced (withering oblivion perk in tree) weaken from 5% to 2,5% per stack (keeping: max 3 stacks)

Rapier Problem:
1.) Problem here lies in Riposte’s spamability due to an unreasoned CD-reducion in a past patch. CD of 12 s is just too good to be true. Pair this with light armor and fleche and you are basicly untouchable. So if you surround an Rapier player that now is single’d out (assume 3vs1), only one of your own guys needs to strike him and everyone else around is stunned either. So the rapier-players just keeps running away and if you use any kind of ability to catch him back he’s gonna fleche away- meanwhile riposte CD back online, rinse & repeat. I like the mechanic in general, but I consider it too strong / easy. Basicly allowing too many mistakes on the rapier-side-of-things, basicly becoming invulverable.


  • increased CD for both Fleche & Riposte by a slight small ammout.

Outpost Rush Changes:
I am a big fan of OPR and I like the upcoming change from 500 to 750 ressources for the brute. Good way !

Additional idea:
Make OPR possible 24/7.
In order to achieve this: Melt 3 or 4 servers / realms to meet each other in OPR – and only there so you have a bigger poool of players.
Introduce a ranking system with statistics for OPR and implementing more matchmaking-formula to balance the teams better.

Waiting for arena modes like 3v3 / 5v5 matchmaking etc.
Its needed to push PVP, theres a lot of potential that currently is wasted.

Done for now. thanks your for your amazing game, having lots of fun. Hoping for the best.


if 3 of your teammates dont know how to dodge riposte then idk
but yeah riposte buff was a bit much, should be 15 seconds by default

-rapier player

So you want to be punished for your teammates mistakes? Good point

yes actually that’s one really good thing about that, when 3 badlords are W key ganking 1 person and they’re left click spamming hard enough to trigger a riposte to stun them all that is balanced, get good and pay attention

I can imagine you find that really good. I am also not against it, cause its an unique weapon mechanic. the thing is that soon or later , 1 of 3 people is going to strike anyways and you cant wait all day long in a fight. and its okay to use that out-of-jail-card. but the current CD on riposte is just too much, as in the rapier skill-tree you have yet ANOTHER out-of-jail-card (fleche), which excels the mechanic into next level of cheeze. so, for balance reasons the CDs should be looked at - which you also agree’d on. lets hope they it as well