8am and every single resource node is harvested

I dont know, if its really just my Server being this bad for gathering, but its literally impossible to gather resources unless you log in between 2 - 3am.

At every given moment during morning to night there is people harvesting and there is simply not enough resource nodes around. Especially Iron and Motes. Everybody needs iron all the time.

The amount of resource nodes and the amount you gather should be increased drastically in my opinion.

Or the materials refinement scheme needs to be re-examined. The pyramid structure of using gross amounts of lower tier mats is crazy, with their insistence of a x4 per tier multiplier.


You absolutely correct. This is just another time sink dumb idea from AGS.

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I get that its a time sync and meant to keep you playing. But there is no point in playing if you cant actually harvest this stuff in the first place. Also the time sync personally I think is pretty reasonable for all professions except arcana and furnishing.^

Edit. That is probably a bit overexaggerating. Of coarse there is still reason to play. Just not the pve stuff.

Maybe because it’s Weekend, servers a quite busy. In the week I have no problems to get Stuff on my server.

But yes, the pyramid system is a bit exaggerated. It’s realistic, that you need iron to make steel, but 4 times the amount?

Not sure if lowering the multipliers could solve the problems, especially with the prices of the resources in the AH.

Greetings Bexx

You don’t understand the main flaw of this system. All T2+ resources don’t cost AF, coz the foundation of all crafting system is T1 resources. It leads to T1 resources insane farming only and crazy prices for T1 resources as well.
Once again - AGS is just a bunch of incompetent amateurs.

yeah lets not go down this way. I wanted to provide criticism, not slander them.


I am able to find Iron and Motes just fine but trying to find any Orichalcum vein is nearly impossible even at 6AM server time… and that especially since the Orichalcum has a 15 min up to 30 min respawn.

We also have up to 30 (?) orichalcum veins on the entire map and probably tens if not hundreds of players that are looking to mine them at any given time?

27 locations with about 50 nodes total for entire map, lol

I wish the nodes were instanced like the boxes. Everyone gets a hit with a long respawn rate. It would encourage exploration and frustrate bots.

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That is a pretty good Idea!

Personally I do not object the iron requirement for higher tier refinement. I do however feel that iron veins are too lowly present. And although instancing such as @lilibat suggests could be an option. I also think it could be made more akin to fishing. We have various mines throughout the world already. Add some more length into some of these mines and make them actual iron deposit mines. Highly abundant in iron veins, enough for multiple players to just farm in a single location. Comparable to e.g. mining in Runescape.

I have had little problem getting motes and iron. My biggest bottleneck is herbs and some food items (like lemons).

Makin the nodes work like chests do or maybe adding a mini game based farming spots akin to how fishing works could definitely help a lot. For skinning animal type should decide what will drop in abundance together with the level of the animal - game mostly dropping raw hide, wolves and felines balance of everything, alligators ironhide and bisons thick hide. All can drop any, but are simply inclined more towards a type, while their lvl decides the base and max amounts. Like level 10 doe drops 8-12 rawhide 0-2 of any other type, while level 60 doe drops 30-40 rawhide and 5-10 of any type. Maybe adding iron drops to orichalcum and star metal could help too too move high level players to high level areas so low level players don’t have to compete.

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