90% House Tax Discount Exploit

those in charge of these decisions are trash like this guy…simple answer really

And yet legit means exactly that…
Funny how you did not point me to the relevant official material showing that it is an exploit though. Guess it doesnt exist and you telling us so is the only “proof” we need


Abusive game behavior caused by a recent change to the game is an exploit.

@Developer Is this intended game behavior?

See AGS Code of Conduct point 3.

Do not : exploit bugs or other unintended uses of game features.

And yet setting taxes rate is not an unintended game feature. Also, you may have noticed that its not the mony that company makes out of taxe rate that has been increased but the money house owners pay that has been decreased. 20% (or 2% atm) tax rate has always been an intended feature.
In the end you are just jealous of companies setting the tax rate at the intended upper limit while leaving house owners still pay less.
Greed? Jealousy? Envy? Not quite sure what your deal and frankly I dont care. You remind me of those flat earthers that even when debunked keep on “believing”
Im out of this non sensical post


If it was intended behavior then prior to the 90% less tax all towns would have been at extreme already. That was not the case, this is direct abusive behavior of a change to a game mechanic.

And you are incorrect, it was not just a change to home owners, it was a change to company income as well due to home ownership. See: [Downtime] Addressing Various Issues 6:00 am PT

Jealously/Envy has nothing to do with it, if you see an exploit you need to report it. There is no need to attack other players, because you believe differently.

Companies have the right to be jerks and set your taxes high. This is well within the realm of expected gameplay. Definitely not an exploit and laughable that you think so.

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You don’t seem to understand that this would not have happened if not for the 90% less tax reduction. Because if the tax rates were normal, and they set things to extreme people would have boycotted. Now the effect on the home owner is minimal so there is no boycotting happening, but companies are benefitting beyond what they would have normally benefited. i.e. exploiting a recent change.

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It’s not an exploit no matter how much you want it to be.

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The intention of the discount was for BOTH players and town owners to get money. So this is actually working as intended. Players are getting a property tax discount (because even at max your property taxes now are lower than they were before the discount) and owners are getting property tax income even with the discount.

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You’re in denial.

There’s no exploit here, just you angry you don’t own the territory.

Pay the taxes, or don’t. Hell in global about revolt. But stop trying to create a ban wave that won’t happen.

Use your common sense. If AGS wasn’t okay with a “range” or taxes during the offset they would’ve locked taxes. They didn’t because they were okay with the range. The only one not okay with it is you, out of sheer jealousy.

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Exactly. I’m sure they expected people to hike the tax rate to maximum. But that’s only 2%, which is less than the normal minimum tax rate of 3%. So they were probably like who in their right mind would complain about less taxes than what was previously possible? These tax rates are actually keeping some deader servers afloat and extending the time we can pay for tier V’s for a while.

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So what your saying is the owners of towns are setting the tax to max to exploit the fact the 90% doesn’t effect there payout amount so they are getting way more than is actually being paid? But I’m not sure that’s quite how it works AGS would have to further explain.

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They’re setting the housing tax to max because you’re still saving money lmao… its not an exploit. You’ve joined the Denial team as well @FozzieDNC

You obviously didn’t understand what I said so I’ll excuse your remark.

I questioned the logic and stated I don’t think it works that way, how am I in denial you should join team #ReadingRainbow!

It seems that there are some replies here that perhaps do not fully understand the OP.

Taxes for the player are reduced by 90%. However, the taxes that go to the company are NOT reduced.

The majority of companies do not set their taxes to extreme under normal circumstances, as no one would pay those taxes. Right now they are able to get away with this because players are okay with paying the 90% discounted rate, however the companies owning these territories are now generating significantly more tax revenue than they normally would be.

As the governor of the company owning Everfall on our server I am conflicted about this. It does feel a bit cheap that we are able to raise our taxes so high whereas we would not normally be able to. This honestly feels like a bit of an oversight as we are generating significantly more tax revenue now than would normally be possible.

On the other hand, with the extremely low population on our server it is allowing us to actually upgrade and maintain crafting stations properly despite the frequency of invasions we have. With a normally populated server though, I could see how this would be generating an abnormally large amount of tax revenue that otherwise would not exist.

I’m not really sure that there is a good way to correct this… Would be interesting to see what AGS has to say about it.


Well wrote and thanks for the clarification!


btw if the enemy holds a majority of the territory they’re directly benefitting from your labor, they can buy literally anything you sell because they have infinite gold due to this oversight, and you need the gold, they don’t.

have fun farming for the enemy team.

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There are literally several posts a day naming this, but it seems intentional to put more gold in the hands of settlement owners that already have the most properties.

I don’t know about the companys at your server, so I can’t answer for them.

But. At our server, that is so extremely low-pop that we can’t get a full team to fight corruption invasions, this has been a God-sent.

We (for now at least) almost build up our town the same pace that corruption tears it down now that we have a few extra thousand to spend on benches.
Honestly don’t know what we’ll do when they put things back to normal again, I really hope they merge us before then.

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