99,9% player will be Casters

So Life staff and rapier are very powerful
Ice gauntlet and Void gauntlet Broken overpower

well its was already major ice gauntlet and void gauntlet now it will only be this and healer.

Stop speaking of range bow is horrible if i die from a bow im in shame.

Great axe and hammer was the only good melee weapon and its going down.


Firestaff is still trash and likely still the weakest weapon in the game.

Ice Gauntlet’s light and heavy attacks still take way too long to cast, not practical at all. Especially after the dmg reduction in Ice Spike. it no longer has any useful abilities.

This game is still a Void Gauntlet, Musket, Great Axe, Warhammer, Bow meta. All 4 are completely out of balance with the others and if you’re not using them you’re dead with no options.


bro youre posting new replies without replying to me in the other thread, tell us all what weapons are skillful since GA is a caveman wep please enlighten the whole forum

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I’ll give you a tip every weapon that gives you trouble playing is a skillfull weapon lol. So by that standard every weapon except GA…

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i think the mad comes that ice gauntlet and void have way way way way more damage cc and dam hard to kill

It is in fact the most easy wepons to use and what wrong with that ?
It is good ?
Can he win 1v1 matchup against a really good player ?
Does a casual friendly weapons need to be the weeker ?

And in fact GA/WH its all about skill combo, the skill alone are not so great will 100% pref a good riposte as single ability use

tell us rabbi what are skillfull weapons LOL lets here it tell us all on the forums what weapons require skill we would LOVE to see it.

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its obvious its the set of weapon and perks everyone that got money are jumping on its not cause they are OP is cause its for the elite best of the best

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You got a real hard on for asking this in every thread where someone says what everyone else knows…it’s zero skill monkey weapon combo. Literally any other weapon combo is higher skill.

thats what i thought lmao big L’s in chat for rabbi he jus a haterrrrr

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Not sure what makes me a hater. Stating the obvious?

tell us what weapons are more skillful bro you cant just say ALL of them LOL u such a lame

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Something going on with Splinter Shot? i dunno mate this guy does pretty good with a bow.

tic tac tic tac tic tac tic. Time is gone.

ok bow is forsure but thats just obvious LOL

Nothing at all with it being an easy combo to play. I’m just getting tired of the complaints when they start to increase the need for skill and lessen the effectiveness of the the easy button. It’s a super fun combo to play. And before people get bent (almost an immediate reaction here), when I say “ape”, I’m in no way referring to the intelligence of the user…it’s just what my friends and I call “bruisers”. It’s meant more of a jab…not an insult.

If it’s true, it’s true. Not sure what else to tell you. I’m sorry you’re so offended. I apologize if I said something that bothered you. My bad. For reals.

soooo, no answer huh interesting. makes sense do you by chance use the VG LOL

It won’t matter. I was going to say Bow, but I see you just shot that dude’s answer down. I see your feelings are just hurt and you’re lashing out. Have a better night. Peace.

And no, I use bow and spear.

because any other weapon you say its all shit LOL they are all easy, you jus a hater my guy accept it