A 15 character tittle review

there is not a category for this so I guess it will go under this. I felt since I have already posted it elsewhere, it might as well go here as well. I am not going to spend time being eloquent, nor will I defend clearly bad judgement. I have continued to play this couch fire simply for a few things I like doing, they have made many goals more work, they have removed some aspects of the game, they have sliced a clear wedge in players over play styles, stranding others, and have helped push for a return to hard disk, fully finished games more than any other, for mucking up so much in so little time.
It is my belief that this is all done intentionally to rob people of money. If they can get to a very low percentage of player base, they can and will shut down the game. If this happens, I will, along with others, will seek restitution. Paying for something and being jerked around once I get there, so much that I want to leave, is not my fault. It is FRAUD.
This new business model is on a runaway train, hijacking its customers the moment we show up and using our own against us by allowing them to enjoy it and tell us about it. I will continue to play, or I will be looking into legal action.

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