A Controversial Opinion Regarding Wars

I know many people will disagree with this, but I think this solves more issues than it creates. I might be missing something though…

I think wars should just be instanced content anyone can do.
In terms of zone control I think it should just be settled open world. I.e you and your faction have to capture and hold a certain amount of points for the zone to flip. I’m not entirely sure of exactly how this would work, but to me this seems less limiting. I.e anyone can join in and it combines influence and contesting.

Thoughts? :grimacing:


id rather wars go far more grandiose than that.

war as it is right now is not war. its just a battle a siege.

real wars are not won by people just slamming abilities at each other for 30 minutes straight

its won with logistics and planning.

it should be the case that wars are fought over for an entire day or maybe a few days.


remove company controlled territory fuck the wealth funnel.

  1. your faction gains the territory if they get enough influence.

  2. you can capture pois for open world pvp they give big bonuses. produces influence.

  3. wars replaced with SEIGE. its the same shit. but it triggers off of influence thresholds. crowns get handed out to companies per % per thresholds. defenders needs to be figured out (previous push? some kind of notoriety value. somethin) winning gives you a % of taxes taken (these taxes are not controlled by the faction its just there as an incentive cherry to attack or not to attack) defending gets a reward too if a little less)

  4. company based OPR ARENAS. fighting enemy factions and champions in the field of battle generates notoriety and or influence, these would need to be scheduled per zone. basically more canned instanced pvp smaller stuff that any company can do.

  5. territory managment is automated but every upgrade and options can be triggered with town boards. so if a town REALLY needs t3 horns then you can focus on it and do it.

  6. not sure what to do with invasions. fort defense is boring and id rather see a more intresting overworld pve event. say if you dont maintain and remove x number of portals it triggers a zone event where mobs spawn and attack the actual city or fort. anyone and everyone can come out to deal with it.

yeah it kinda screws over low level players so some flavor of scaling might be in order. dont give them levels just put a skull over its head.

  1. logistical moves and caravans started on townboards. trigger events that move and push things around in the territory changes the maps slightly upgrades pois adds more cover/towers/moats/ things that matter in war. generates more influence to stop or successfully move it.

basicly more crap like that.

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If by this you mean wars should no longer be how settlements flip, and that settlements should flip in the open world, then I agree.

Wars should be like OPR and ideally (like OPR), they should be regional cross server. Additionally there should be a ranked GvG version of them once they are cross server.

From a settlement control perspective, I agree with @desubot , I’d like to see something more grand in the open world as opposed to a single battle. And yes, settlement control should definitely be faction based and remove the wealth funnel with town boards being the sole mechanism for government.

There are a lot of interesting ways to make this happen, but bottom line - open world, dynamic, anyone can participate is the way to go. It would also make open world pvp an actual thing!

Invasions - i would think those could also be changed into some sort of massiv, dynamic open world public quest type of event as well.


its 2022 thats the content i crave. in a massive multiplayer game

massive multiplayer events.

not canned events for 100 people.



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current war system also generates soo much god damn salt. and not even the good kind.

its funny

right after a successful defense the opposing faction starts pushing hard again right after. because of the decking system and the ALL OR FUCKING NOTHING system we got. they were aghast that we would dare come out and open world pvp to get some exp. throwing out accusations of being afraid of war… the war we just defended lol.

its really funny.

also they called out their entire 80 man company to push after they felt resistance on 2 turn ins lol.

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That is exactly what I mean and I totally agree with all this :+1:

@Shadow_Fox @Luxendra @Aenwyn @Kay @TigerCr4ne

I would love to know what the developers think of these bold ideas?

Chivalry 2 does justice to laying siege on a city.


That would be a lot of fun🤣

I think this could be a viable thing :+1:

I think forts, war camps could be made important in an open world war situation. Occupation and continual fighting for influence and not just running a quest back and forth. Make holding them physically important in this process.
If wars were won in open world with a continual struggle, this would be incredible. Sieges being instanced can afford big push/numbers but the open world should be a continual struggle in my opinion for win conditions. Not waiting until the game says we fight.

I don’t think we should get rid of ALL the incentive money for doing so, but it needs to be drastically different, and include everyone in the faction not just the same 50 people.

Done in a very rewarding way, we could see constant open world battle, occupation and company skirmishes all over the map.

declaring war on another company should be a lot more than a scheduled battle, this should extend into the open world <3

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Totally agree mate, well said :+1: I think open world being a constant struggle would be great and instanced war being perhaps a competitive game mode. I would like to see them add more capturable points. I mean they could make the farms and other poi part of it?

The incentive to hold a zone needs to be great and a company likely wouldn’t hold it for particularly long with this change. I don’t know what to suggest here…

Maybe the taxes could be awarded to the faction who have held it the most over the period of a month and it be distributed amongst the contributing companies? This would mean everyone could contribute and be rewarded. It could almost be recorded in PvP XP gained? I dunno :person_shrugging: