A design To fishing: Redesigning it


Can you design fishing to have nodes around the map that are simply fishing nets sitting in water that you simply go up and click e on. It would make them more akin to tree’s and more manageable.

They could do this in addition to current fishing but please do not replace what we have with it. Fishing in this game is kinda cool compared to most MMOs

Thanks for the feedback @Nourri and @Fragg I will pass this along to the team!


“I don’t want to fish - I just want fish.”

No thanks.

Make craftable fishing nets/traps that you can place into open water.

  • They gather fish over 24h and after that can be looted. Providing random fish from the water source its located in. Amount of fish can be balanced vs net/trap crafting cost.
  • One player can have up to 5 fishing nets placed at one time.
  • certain amount of fishing bait needs to be placed into the net/trap. i.e 20 fishing bait (for better fish or larger fish)
  • Net is destroyed after using it and needs to be recrafted. (something similar to birdboxes in OSRS)
  • Have different tier of nets/traps that people can craft providing different yield/quality of fish. Could be easily implemented into engineering life skill.

Fishing with rod would still be more profitable at hotspots (LOL, “fishing profitable” xD) but it would give players a new daily activity.

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