A Different Kind of Dungeon Finder Tool

I am posting this because I read though the original thread “A Dungeon Finder too is needed” (A Dungeon Finder tool is needed - #127 by Fornix) And there seems to be a couple arguments that I want to organize here. I will update the post if other arguments arise. If you want to skip ahead and see my solution, scroll down to the bottom.

Reasons supporting a dungeon finder tool:

  1. Time constraints, not everyone has hours upon hours to play the game each day.

  2. Finding a group can be difficult since you have to spam LFG in chat and hope you get an invite from someone.

  3. The ability for future low level players to find groups for dungeons that you must do to progress the main story quest.

Reasons against a dungeon finder tool:

  1. Other mmo’s have implemented them and it degraded the experience of running the dungeon by just being able to teleport right in. “Your location has no meaning in the world.”

  2. It creates an environment that allows players to be toxic with little to no repercussions outside of being reported.

  3. A dungeon finder ruins the immersion of the game itself.

  4. A dungeon finder ruins the social interaction required to get a group.

I think there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration for a dungeon finder tool to be realistic in New World.

  • The game itself puts value on your location. You can see this through the azoth system, the lack of mounts, and the general time it takes to travel anywhere. Having a dungeon finder that teleports you seems to be against the way the game is designed.

  • A Tuning Orb is required to enter dungeons. Unlike some other mmo’s that just require you to just be available to join, someone in the party has to have a tuning orb to open the dungeon, so if a dungeon finder was implemented, it was have to take this into account.

  • Being unable to find a dungeon is frustrating. Everyone wants to be able to experience the whole game when they are playing. If the system now doesn’t allow that to happen(given that you are the right level and adequately geared for it), then it is a failed system. It is clear that there is frustration surrounding the current system.

My Solution: Create a board right outside of each dungeon that allows someone who has a tuning orb to post a group and declare their needs. The poster, could set level requirements, gear score requirements, roles needed, or whatever restrictions that they want since they are “paying” for the entry. The party leader could then approve or deny requests to join. After, a set amount of time, this party board could push notifications to an LFG chat so that anybody interested in helping, can see that the need is there. This would not break immersion since it requires you to still travel there, you are required to interact with the board, it would be organized enough so that you wouldn’t have to deal with the mess of an LFG chat, and party leaders could deny those players that they had poor experiences with in prior runs. I think that this addresses the concerns of both sides.

Example: When you walk up to the board, it is a listing by player name that shows all the relevant information (current party size, needs, requirements set, etc.) You can apply to the party that you would like to join, and the leader either approves you or denies you.



With all respect to the amount of effort you put into it, I’d suggest that points 2, 3, and (for the most part also) 4 of the “against” section have been disproven on multiple occasions. I’d recommend either removing them or marking them as speculative.


#2: If the finder tool only lists candidates looking for an Expedition run instead of anonymously assembling the party, existing parties can choose whom to invite. Players known to be toxic would either not be invited or quickly kicked and replaced.

#3: That is untrue, just as the Inventory window, Company window, or Quest/Townboard/Faction Board window doesn’t ruin immersion. They are simply means to communicate information and enable the players to interact. For full immersion Towboards should literally have the missions listed on sheets of paper, quest givers would only speak to you through voiceover instead of showing a full dialog with text, etc. It certainly is no less immersive than forever scrolling Global/Recruitment chat with non-immersive messages like “DPS LFG Depths” or “LF1M Heal Amrine”.

#4: As noted with #2, if the Dungeon Finder is simply a list of people currently looking for group and groups looking for members, social interactions and player reputation still matter. It’s not like WOW’s “auto-assemble the party & teleport everyone inside” tool.

…I had to at least provide some supporting statements to my initial suggestion, because that’s how a debate should be done. :slight_smile:

Yeah i get where you are coming from. I don’t necessarily agree though.

That’s okay, we can disagree. Nothing wrong about that. As long as we both keep an open mind and accept that in some instances I might be right, in others you might be right… After all, it’s all our assumptions and the only frame of reference we have are our experiences from previous games.

We’ll see how it goes. I think a “Dungeon Finder Light”, just a list of groups and individuals who are currently looking, would be a very helpful tool. It would free up the Global and Recruitment chat from spam. I’m not advocating for the full “auto-assemble a group & teleport them to a dungeon” functionality. :slight_smile:

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Yep, makes sense.

A party finder tool like FFXIV had (not their automated finder) would be good foundation and then tweaked for the game.
Post a Party note on Townboards - list what you want to do (Expedition X, or quest Y) note what roles you need (likely none specific for open world quests). State whether or not Orb is required. Add notes to find like minded players 'xp grind, Main Story quester, casual hunt etc. Once you have posted, you can update it wherever you are so you can keep it up to date/remove it easily.

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I would suggest an NPC before each dungeon, you need the key to open a group and log in (if you cancel you get the key back or it is only removed when you actually enter). Everyone else can then just join the group. That way you still have to go to the dungeon to enter it, have the same interactions before the dungeon but don’t have to spam the chat anymore. Maybe with a few settings for the weapon you’re looking for, level, etc.

It’s already getting hard finding groups for dungeons, something like this will have to be implemented shortly to keep the dungeons going.

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Like the fractal or activity finder in Gw2

I love this idea, I would like to add that as a result of a single character being able to do all the things there will soon be a lack of lower level players running the lower level expeditions. It would be awesome if there could be cross realm functionality built into these boards to help alleviate this issue.

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Yep I agree. There could be incentives for higher level players to help others in lower level dungeons.

I like the idea! I had the idea to put the group finder into the tavern of each territory. Finding groups more or less like you describe, but the possibility to have all (or the 3-5 nearest) expeditions available and connecting several or all settlements. Reasoning is server population, it will make sure on the long run, you will find groups easily.
Teleport is problematic, but i figure, having the group assemble in a bit of a distance to the expedition would be a good middle ground.

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Yeah the middle ground was sort of what I was going for here.

I agree with with your solution- something like that would be immensely helpful, especially for solo players.
I did my 1st expedition yesterday & was a bit shocked there was no dungeon finder built into the game. I stood outside for a few minutes watching other players run around a bit before sending out a “LFG” in the local chat & a few mins later someone invited me in-- but the process should be made a bit easier.
**on a side note- some players are noobs (like we all were) & would have NO idea was “LFG” means in chat (looking for group).

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