A Dungeon Finder tool is needed

After doing around 50 dungeon runs, I have to agree with this thread that a dungeon finder tool is much needed.

The main argument against it is that it wouldn’t promote social interaction. But in reality, there has been little to no social interaction in any of the dungeon runs I’ve done so far. Once a group is formed by incessantly spamming the chat with “LFG/LFM” over and over for 30 minutes, everyone just does the dungeon like they’re expected to. No one says a word other than maybe “bone here” or something which only happens when everyone is inside the dungeon already, and even that is rare.

A dungeon finder tool would not only reduce time and effort, allowing us to explore other areas of the game while in queue (and “be social”, since people would chill and talk while waiting), but it could also support cross server play for quicker queues and allow us to play with friends in different servers for endgame content. It could also be used as a gold sink by requiring a gold fee to use and would also fix the issue of the “resume trap” nonsense that floods the recruitment/global chat where you’re required to be a certain level to join someone’s group. What happens when everyone is level 60 and a new level 25 struggles to find an Amrine group because their DPS is too low and no one wants to take them? Or what happens when you can’t find people because the server is dead or everyone’s a high level and doesn’t care to do certain dungeons anymore?

For those who don’t like dungeon finders, well, then, don’t use them… Form a group manually. Be immersive and run around the world and ask people if they want to do a dungeon with you. There would be nothing stopping you. Why do we need to choose when we can have both?


No. It killed WoW and it will kill this game as well. The effort you use to find a group in an expedition is a part of the game. I don’t know about your server but ours talk but even if they didn’t I wouldnt want a dungeon tool.


I will not support the decision to enact a dungeon finder tool. It erodes the atmosphere of the game by allowing people to completely circumvent it. The way things are now, you have to actually reach out to people and explore the area surrounding a dungeon. God forbid we actually SEE the area around a dungeon.

The dungeon finder destroyed WoW’s atmosphere and turned it into a hub game instead of an MMO. We don’t want it. Learn from the mistakes of the past instead of making them all over again.


a dungeon finder would really speed up forming partys
those than want to play dungeon sign up with the finder.

The dungeon finder automatically allocates players that meet the dungeon requirement.
if The dungeon finder tool could have cross-server play.
By allocating players from different servers the dungeon finder would
be really good. Every Dungeon would have many players signing up,
should no one wanted to play that dungeon in their server.


I dunno what mutes you play with because I’ve had people be extremely social in my LFG groups
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Well excuse us for doing just fine without you


Absolutely not, the dungeon finder ruined WOW.


No thank you.

This is not just about the social before or during a dungeon, this also removes the need to add friends to run with the same people after.

I find myself wanting to play with good people again and add friends because it can be an effort to spam for a group.

With a queue system, there is no need for any of that.

This did ruin wow, I don’t want to see this.


not everyone is gonna have a party to run dungeons


Expeditions require 3 players to be at the entrance before the party can enter.
You also need a Tuning Orb to enter the Expedition.

I don’t really see how this would work with cross server play. Who’s Orb are you using? Do you just teleport into the instance now? Does this mean we’ll have to move the dungeon quests inside the dungeon?


I’d just like an LFG chat… Spamming global to find a group is ridiculous.


+1 Dungeon Finder OR a dedicated LFG tool to help people get into groups quicker.


Isn’t the Recruitment channel used for LFG purposes? It is on my server at least. I suppose there’s no reason to oppose adding another channel which is more specific, whatever. Regarding the social aspect though, I would rather be incentivized to talk to other humans in order to organize the group. It just seems more consistent with the ideals of the game currently.


Not really. I think LFG was a bad thing in WoW. I think this game needs different things.


It is not necessary, because in my opinion when you have already explored Aeternum you already know more dungeons and you know where they are, you just need to form a group and go to the dungeon. I know 2 dungeons for my travels, I just need to go there.

Hahhaha. No it didn’t kill WOW. Stop saying silly things. If dungeon finder tool was such a baddie both ESO and FFXIV would be dead by now. Infact it’s MMOS without dungeon finder that die slow death or MMOs which are too late to implement it by the time it had already lost more than half of its playerbase.


It is, that’s literally it’s purpose and on my server it works quite well. It also promotes making friends and or/connecting with your guildmates - because that’s why we have guilds! This game in many ways promotes making strong social connections as well as caring about and having a reputation on your own server community. All of the content is centered around that idea. Dungeon finder - even more so a cross-server one - just does not support the type of game that New World was designed to be and that’s exactly why many of us are here. I’ve never had a problem finding a dungeon group and as far as I can tell, neither does anyone else in my server’s LFG.


It really depends what level of dungeon finding tool we’re talking about here.

Something allows you to create a listing and then people apply to it and you invite them wouldn’t kill the sense of community. If anything, I’d argue it’d help fostering it by letting you find people that might have common interests.

Now if we’re talking about queueing and getting a random group automatically formed and adding cross server grouping, then yes that would and I’d rather they didn’t go that far.

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Anyone claiming that dungeon finder ruined WoW simply doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

WoW remained popular long after the dungeon finder was added. The main thing that reduced WoW’s popularity, especially recently, was that they made the game into an endless chore. Too many long grinds and daily chores that made the game feel like a job instead of a game. Dungeons being accessible didn’t hurt the game at all. You can have a long discussion about what the appropriate difficulty is and how many different difficulties they should have and what not, but people being able to find other people to play with more easily in a multiplayer game is not a bad thing.

Since we have limited sized servers and no cross-server play currently, an automated dungeon finder might not have a large enough pool of players to pull from to really be reliable though. The key system would also need to change (though I think that needs to change whether you add a dungeon finder or not). I wouldn’t mind an automated system, but I think for this game a better tool to manually create groups would be best.

At the very least this game needs the equivalent of WoW’s premade group finder, which isn’t an automated system, it’s just an evolution of recruitment channels. It’s basically a bulletin board. It gives you more information, lets you see when a group is full so you don’t have to deal with a dozen whispers after you’re full and brings everyone to one central place to post and find a group so your potential group members aren’t split into different channels + third party tools like discords.


With everything in me no, don’t add a que. I love meeting people in the world and grouping up with them and talking.

Just because you and the people you play with aren’t saying anything doesn’t mean others have to be anti social. First it will be server specific que and next it will be cross server. Leave it alone. It’s fine.


No. It kills social interaction.

This game is about community and all your suggestions aim to kill it. Cross server play is one of the worst as everyone become a nobody that you will never see again.

In a few month, people will start to know each other more and some names will stand out from the crowd.