A Dungeon Finder tool is needed

For the past 2 days I’ve spent time spamming recruitment chat in hopes of finding a group for a certain 50+ level expedition.
Nothing so far.

Quality time in this ‘modern’ MMO, right?


Exclusion in the name community? Your attitude is exactly why one is needed. A lot of people are just being sidelined because they are not “chosen.”

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I just dont wanna have the same shit that WoW is suffering from: Qing from City and never go outside anymore. That kills the whole vibe this game has

This right here is my main concern for dungeon finder groups. If you have an unlimited supply of people to group with, there is no repercussions to being a toxic player to your group. I had 1 guy who was toxic the second time I ran the level 25 dungeon when the game had been out for 5 days. I don’t understand people like this.


This is why we need some form of dungeon finder.

Cross-server is not a requirement. Although cross-server within same world sets may be preferable for low population servers. But anybody considering the lack of dungeon finder as ‘social’ just has no clue on what the word social means. Chat channels have merely deteriorated to meaningless LFG spam. And with every day passing by, it’s getting worse. Chat, which once used to contain actual social engagement, is now nothing more than spam.


Everyone, I have summarized this thread in a different post here A Different Kind of Dungeon Finder Tool. This one is getting rather long so I thought it may be helpful to do so.

I’m already starting to see “have X GS” or “be experienced” requirements flooding the chat for some of the endgame dungeons. Ironically, a dungeon finder would cause players to be more social since you would get queued with 5 random players and would be forced to collaborate and explain the dungeon mechanics to them if they haven’t done it before. Otherwise, we’re going to have a gatekeeping problem and newer players will gradually have a harder time finding dungeons.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing a LFG tool that functions like the Guild wars 2 lfg tool.

we deffo need something… i am on a low pop server ( that had mega que when it started)
my faction is pretty much dead cause of 2 other dominating factions. and my friends are stuck on another server.

This resulted in me not being able to do the depths expedition for about 8 days. thus not being able to progress the main quest and leeching my xp of the townboard and faction quests.
in wow i really like the dungeon finder. it also made it easy to try out other dungeons that you did not experience before.

the social interaction everyone is talking about i dont really get…
every lfg i did in new world was just joining the spam que and hope someone sends you a invite and then be ignored in group chat cause they are 4 people on their discord voice chat.
had just one good group in amrine cause we were all just noobs having a great run.
the social interaction in that group did not come from waiting around on eachother to form a party and walk to the portal. No the social interaction came from communicating inside the dungeon and being nice. That worked for me in wow as well with a dungeon finder.

once a lot of people are lvl 60, a new player can only find a group for a lower level dungeon if higher level players are bored and accept an invite.

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You mean to tell me that you do not value the wonderful interaction and socializing from the recruiting chat?

You Monster!

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well… can not argue with that. you are right… it is only surpassed by the yet to come gold sellers :stuck_out_tongue:

I am leveling slow and I can tell you I cannot progress in the main line story because I cannot find a group to do dugeon level 25, looks like no one is playing this game anymore.

This is a great idea. cross server to address low pop issues or really nullify them with regards to instance content. I would add that folks be required to stick to the role they sign up for tank/healer etc. this would avoid those just trying to jump que with a role they have no intention of fixing. One exception would be allowing a group vote on role change because their are some circumstances that warrant it when the group thinks its appropriate. I would love this idea to be implemented. maybe even for the group quests/missions etc.

i agree we need dungeon finder. and option to que for a dungeon or events from anywere … saves time.
il just go farm somehting while waiting for people to que up.

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exactly, this is how you turn a MMO to a Solo RPG where nobody talks to each other.

I’m not interested in talking to weirdos, I want to experience the game and talk to the people I WANT to talk to. An LFG Tool is needed in a game that REQUIRES group content at higher levels. Launching this game without one was plain stupid.

you mean LFG is a meaningful interaction? Rather than finding different people using a tool and talking in Party. Not sure I can see a difference.
Only issue for LFG is who’s tuning orb is used!

Maybe MMO are not for you then buddy.



Yes they are because I enjoy them. I just dont like being forced to spam channels for groups, dealing with weirdos and being forced to “socialize” with people I dont want to. Some of us like group content without having to waste a ton of time. In my other games, the LFG tool was great, hooked me up with great players and expanded my friends list. Spamming chat DOES NOT make one more socially inclined, more like bored and after an hour, ready to log off.