A entire company of botters

a entire company of botters on abaton eu servers. if you stand outside of windswards, you will see 3-4 people pass all the time , same company, low lvl and all seem to be incapable of going around obsticles like tents. lots of them seem to get stuck on the side of the gate aswell to top it off.
please, any admin out there. log into abaton and observe YSWL company members going around farming, you will quickly realize that they are all botting.

Hello there @dennishhh,

Thank you for reaching out regarding this situation, here in the forums we are unable to assist with this issue directly, however, I would like to share with you how to report players and companies in-game and out of the game as well, once the report is created our team will look into it and take according actions, here is the information:

We appreciate your effort in helping us battle bots in our game!


been reporting them day by day, but they keep playing, same 5 days from last week is almost lvl 50 from beeing lvl 27ish.
i felt forced to go forums

Hi @dennishhh,

I understand your frustration, we do receive a large amount of reports daily so it might take our team some time to get to the report so all we can do as of right now is wait, but we really appreciate your efforts to rid the game of bots.

Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with!