A farewell letter from a beta tester to now

Here im done, start playing at the 1st closed beta and i fall in love with the game, action mmo with a sound design made in heaven, just cut a tree bring me joy.

Launch of the game so hype, queue doesnt care i waited with smile, i play all my leveling PvP on, we start the game with 6 friends but we are only 2 made it to lvl 60.
Open world pvp was really fun even if we was only 2 we beat some groups of 5, the only thing its the pvp gear skin dont change from lvl 25 to 60 but everything else was fine for me, was the 1st Cov to take a city on my server, 1st one to win a war, the war was so laggy couldnd move but i had hope.

Got my 1st OPR really fun too, but now i have to focus on late game and here come the darkside. I did every night Elite train to up my watermark not really fun, i didnt do a expedition since if your watermark are low you cant have good drops and im not a fermer so the orbs is really painful for me to make.
Day and day after got finaly my watermark to 595+ at this time they call it expertise and Gyps just came out. Great update but 2 months late for me sadly. I started expedition 60 was really fun, really easy but good mechanic in it.

All of that beside a was doing wars and OPR got my “living spartan” success and i got less and less hope of good server, im a melee user doesnt care about buff and nerf. But dont be able to touch a skill or charge out and tp back to a ice shower was really frustrating and I endured that for more then 50+ wars.

Now expertise go to 600 and gs to 625 but i dont fucking care, i just want my auto to connect when i can see it going through the body and now im just done since 1st war to now the server isnt great got permanent lag, desync, addility dont connect, some connect you dont know why.

Now i will just play to help my team for wars and that all i dont enjoy the game anyome, doing OPR a day just make me Alf+F4 the game, PvE side just not my thing i did it more then i would do normaly. I dont have hope anymore from a pvp, point of view the game isnt on a good state right now.

Server and desync kill me.

From a “living spartan” Farewell New World.


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