A few ideas to improve gameplay for melee

Muskets seem op right now, the pvp mortal empowerment ring has pushed things beyond broken in my view. I see some dex asking for grit to be removed from 300 str… to be honest it is not much fun right now playing melee, with the constant plinking in opr, never being able to catch up to that rapier musketeer, the stagger fest on point in wars…

In any case these are a few suggestions, maybe they would improve/ balance things without “nerfing” musket.

  1. Right now mitigations from armor don’t even come close to comparing with the survivability of rolly-poly. This is what drives light armor monkeys. I would like to see an Increase in damage mitigation % from armor and gems… instead of a medium armor user with split resistances having approx 10% mitigation, those unit less “numbers” should give like 20%. I would aim for 5% with light, 20% with medium and 30% with heavy. And maybe 40% with heavy shield. Adjust the numbers till you see an even split between the three weights.

  2. Con has very little effect on health, someone with no con still has 8,000 health. This (along with rolly-poly and rapier) encourages the current no con musket meta. So ALTERNATIVELY to increasing mitigation, I would reduce the floor on health and increase the health per con. Goal would be:
    0 con = 5,000 health
    100 con= 10,000 health
    200 con = 15,000 health
    300 con= 20,000 health
    This would make glass cannons think long and hard and would increase ttk on tanks and bruisers. Goal is to push everyone to put some points into con.

  3. Muskets with rapiers (and bows to some extent) take no con because they can… this lets them dump so many points into dex and int it becomes unbalanced… another ALTERNATIVE is to balance that by adding a 200 con perk that reduces ranged physical damage by 10-15%. So the counter to those with no con, is con. I think ranged mages can’t be as far away, so no point in making it all ranged.

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