A few things I would like to see change

Having a closet in the house with categories such as:

Mining gear
Crafting gear
Logging gear

It’s very frustrating having to constantly look at every single piece because all armor is mixed in storage, particularly sense the images doesn’t match up to the items. Wasting several minutes of looking through everything several times a day isn’t ok.

All the tabs should be closed in all craftingstations, you open the one you want, instead of now when you need to close everything to only have the tab open for what you are crafting. Having to constantly click to hide several tabs is wasting time and is frustrating particularly when you constantly get bugged out from the stations and the stuff you are crafting is in the bottom of the list.

Have a -salvage all- option for crafted items in stations. 99,9% of everything you craft, be it potions/armor/weapons etc is no point in putting up on market as its worthless even up to high lvl items.

Implement a merchant shop, like Path Of Exile for example, that sets a baseline for what things are worth for the specs/lvl an item has and then have the open market place. Having to craft thousands of items to get skills up, just to salvage and get a fraction of the resources back or simply forced throwing it on the ground because its worthless on the open market isn’t ok when everything cost alot of money in taxes and fee’s and it takes a long time grinding for resources.

If an item is locked, then it shouldn’t be showing on the marketplace, it should be counted as bound-to-player. Same here, you shouldn’t have to waste minutes several times a day on checking every single piece just so you don’t accidentally sell something that you don’t want to be sold. I have accidentally put up stuff I was saving both for myself and friends so many times its ridicules.

Make it so you can share missions/quests when in a group so all party can get some reward, exp don’t do anything after lvl60 and pretty much all dungeons have the re-play from factionsmssions etc anyways . You can even make it so all members are pvp flagged while in ‘share mode’ too.

My thoughts for now, thanks.
E: not sure why some of the text is highlighted, not supposed to be.

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