A friendly encounter

Hi just wanted to share an experience I had today on NW.

To keep things short and sweet. I brought NW because my mates got it. I was in a grind to catch-up. Once I got to their level and could play the same quests etc they stopped playing. Ended up playing solo and been struggling with a few quests. My original server was Ishtakar but it was merged into Caer Sidi. I’m now level 51 and only managed to play 1 event with other players. Everything else I have done solo…

Tonight I tried to kill Gren the Bear and he smacked me up a few times before I asked for some help in global. A few very friendly players came to my rescue. We killed the bear with ease and they kindly offered to help with an expedition.

We cleared the expedition in Everfall. This experience has really been the best day I have had playing NW. To have people so kind to help me and carry me through an expedition was heart warming.

Kudos to ‘Miss Nova’ & ‘Ground Hog’

There was a 3rd for the bear encounter, but I couldn’t remember your name sorry!

I challenge the rest of the community to add your own stories of how gave or received help and share the positivity! It’s really kindled my passion for this game and am keep to grind up to level 60 and whatever lies beyond :blush:



That’s a really cool story! Welcome to the community JordyBoy185. I’m always glad to hear when people encounter other friendly people in Aeternum.

I helped someone similarly with that same fight.
I actually killed that Bear twice to assist two separate people. :muscle::v:

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Very cool. I logged in this week and felt like trying to help any new / low GS players. I advertised that I (619 gs dps) would use either a regular Gen or Laz orb and run ppl through, saying prio goes to low GS and tank can pick which dungeon. Sadly, only a GS 622 dps whispered me (over and over - what the hell does he want to do it for?). Oh well, maybe I’ll try again in a few days.

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It happened to me on my prev server. I was pvp on farming in reek water where there was that white wolf. I got my health to less than 10% and another pvp guy came where he could have killed me easily with one shot but he rather helped me kill that wolf :slight_smile: so cool of him.


I hate that damn bear. :rage:

Glad to hear you got some help!

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I usually tank the bear for lowbies, to give them the satisfaction of revenge :laughing:


Im embarrassed to say i cant kill him solo.

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