A full day of rampant duping and not a word from AGS

Reported in multiple threads. At this point, most people who actively trade and or use consumables probably have duped items.

Sort of mind-boggling how this can go on without even a word of recognition from AGS. Truly astounding. Congratulations I guess.

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I have no idea what you are talking about…

Days , since Feb update.

They are removing topics and locking them that have been talking about this.

Why am I not surprised. Well if AGS is not punishing players for this. I guess it’s officially unofficially legal. Hold on to your morals in this game only if you want to be fodder. For those that don’t.

Apparently duper bans are happening. Right now. Suggest not “testing” the dupe on live server. (Test in test server if you must.)

Yes, truly amazing. It takes too long. And the longer it takes, the more harm it does

naw if you dupe you will be banned for violating the ToS by exploiting.

lots of player get permabanned

Do tell…

Nope. It’s the same players that have bee duping since day one.
I think some innocent ppl were banned though.

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