A Greater Variety of Mobs, Lands and, Ideas

At about 168 hours of gameplay, I’ve enjoyed ‘New World’. However, on my journeys I’ve noted that a great many mobs across the world look and feel, similar. Each new quest feels somewhat the same when encountering enemies in the game. With three ‘starting’ areas, you run into much the same as you travel. Yes, a few varieties of plants or, ores here and there. But, the animals and land, and monsters are basically the same, just given different names. There’s not much incentive to visit territories at the same levels (1-25). I have to ask, why have three territories for the same levels? Sure, you have to travel to other territories on occasion, to complete quest parts. But, other than that it just feels…repetitive. The lands all the same. There’s not much variety.

I’d suggest a greater selection of models. Perhaps allow players to submit artwork, models, etc? Allow the players to be part of the creative process. Allow them to help build the world they play in. All work would be voluntarily turned over but, give the creator recognition in-game in some small way. Feedback comes in different forms.

The devs have been very creative in the world they’ve made. Perhaps, let the community help this world grow. Just one, small, idea in a sea of many.

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