A hard-core idea

Let me start with this:

My ideas are not any better. I don’t consider my way of doing things more “right” than yours.

I’m just sharing my thoughts and ideas with our community.

I’m diggin’ the idea of doing a permadeath run.

I know the lore allows for multiple deaths but it also says SOME people get more and more corrupted or lost with each death.

it’s up to the player

In March, I’m creating a new character and I plan on really taking my time and exploring the lore/rp side of the mmo.

I’m going to be using some self-imposed (some may say self-inflicted lol it’s ok) rules:

There are three ways I could die. (Correct me if there are more.)

  1. corruption
  2. lost
  3. I just become part of the universe as azoth (like fast travel) and never manifest physically again (kinda like obi-wan kenobi lol)

My new character will start with one life.

Each time he dies, he becomes more lost/corrupted/etc.

Each time he levels up he is purified by one life.

This even includes pvp. Some characters would have 5 lives…some 10…some might never corrupt and can just run into battle over and over again with no fear like some mad viking berserker…and some, like Thorpe, are unfortunate enough to only get one shot. Except he died off the boat…lol pretty bad but anyway

Each level I get gives me +1.

So the first couple of levels will probably help alot.

Then, at max level, each expertise bump will be +1 but imagine the risk it will take to get them.

A cool idea :bulb: imo.

It’s not for everyone, obviosly.

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