A Housing Score Calculation Rework Proposal

The current housing score system by which the system decides whose decorated house to display in each housing spot does not, from my reading of the various related threads on these forums, reflect either the expectations or desires of most players.


I propose a replacement system that I believe is simple, transparent, would give more players a fair chance, and not overly emphasize the recent town standing points earned.

It would be a 1,000 point system in four additive parts: Total_Score = Part_1 + Part_2 + Part_3 + Part_4.

Part one is territory control, worth a maximum of 100 points as Part_1.

If a player is a member of the faction that controls the town, they get 30 points for Part_1.
If a player is a member of the company which controls the town, they get 60 points for Part_1.
If a player is an officer in that same company, they get 75 points for Part_1.
If a player is the leader of that company, and hence the governor of the town, they get the full 100 points for Part_1.

The second part is Town Standing, worth a maximum of 200 points as Part_2.

For each house, the player, who has owns the property and has rent currently paid in full, who has the highest town standing level (not points) gets 300 points.

Other players who own the property and have rent currently paid in full get points prortional to the fraction of the highest town-standing level player in proportion to their town standing level. I.e., Part_2 = 200 * Players_Individual_Town_Standing / Max_Town_Standing.

If for a house, the highest town standing of any player who lived there was, say, 87, and your town standing level was 29, you would get 200 * 29 / 87, or 200 * 1 / 3, or 100 points.

The third part of the score would be based on standing points earned in the 48 hour period.

This would also be worth 200 points, and be scaled proportionately to the maximum earned by any single player in the period. I.e., Part_3 = 200 * Player_Points_Earned / Max_Points_Earned.

The final part is the housing decoration score, worth a maximum of 500 points.

This is also tallied in proportion to the the maximum deco score of any owner of the property whose rent is paid currently in full. I.e., Part_4 = 500 * Deco_Score / Max_Deco_Score.

I believe this system would be easier to understand and offer a fair chance to more people to have their home displayed. No one excessively outstanding performer in one category would utterly dominate the scoring. Even if one were far behind in one area, there would be a chance to pull up into competitive range via the others.

If a system like this were implemented, I would expect the housing menu on each house should show the current player and the top ten players in total score, and also list their contributing portions from Territory Control, Town Standing Level, Standing Gained, and Deco Score. Ideally, mousing over any individual score part would have a pop-up showing the score calculation, e.g., hovering over a 50 point Part_3 might show that the maximum player earned 55,030 points whereas the mousing player only earned 28,066, and so only received 102 points (= 200*28066/55030) for the Standing Gained part.

A player would immediately see why the top player is ahead, and know which areas they personally aren’t measuring up in.

I believe the 100/200/200/500 point split would emphasize decoration, which is the basic feature players expect from this system; still account for the prominence of the player in the town, both long-term via their total earned standing level, and by their recent town standing gains, and then also offer a small edge to those who currently control the territory.

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