A letter of concern about the bow. (Video)

Its amazing how many people just come out of the woodwork after these bow changes. At least one person in this thread has joined the forums within the last day and has only ever posted in this thread.


It only sounds like that to you because you haven’t played bow. If you fire a shot and release your aim button and then want to dodge in the next 2 seconds because you can see the boss charging up a shot, best of luck… you’re getting that straight to the face.

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You always have a choice mate. I have been playing bow the whole time even when it’s been more difficult to use. I never jump to a weapon because it performs better. I just play what I enjoy and normally get a lot of fun out of it as a result.

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Play bow if you think that it is so good. You have a choice. Stop asking for nerfs, it lessen viable choices for the player base. It is healthier for the game in the long run to buff weapons so that every choice is a fun choice.


The bow is ok, but has a steep learning curve. I’ve paid my dues, learnt distances, tactics, what abilities to use. I now go ok and use a controller as well.

If I come up against a good bow player, or FS i’ll usually lose. Still die most of the time to grav well spam, but that’s usually when I’m cornered or the zerg comes through. The response times on the bow have taken a bit to get used to, removal of desync and optimising latency on my PC helped a lot.

I didn’t read through the entire thread.

My experience in other similar topics: There is an army of low skill bow users who feel they need the weapon dumbed down this much to succeed.

I wish they would just getgud

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Now I see the issue…

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Yeah it’s taken a while to get to the point where I’m ok with it. Taken a lot of fine tuning in steam on controller config.

I’ve played a lot of FPS games but never with a mouse, hard to compete with a mouse.

Is there a reason why u gimp urself with a controller?
If you do not have a physical handicap that prevents you from using mouse and keyboard I don’t see why you torture yourself with a controller. Also it invalidates all you say about bow, because of course you can not do well with a controller.

Always played games with a controller since Morrowind on xbox, just not a keyboard player. wouldn’t enjoy it.

You may think it invalidates what I say, not sure why, as my aim is actually fine, if you do something enough and fine tune it, the muscle memory gets there. I aim with both joysticks, get close enough with the left and fine tune with the right. My biggest problem is the animation mechanics which act as iframes on some weapons and the lack of mobility on the bow. One of these should be better following the update.

It’s interesting, as I don’t get what the challenge would be with a mouse. But each to their own.

There are a lot of people that played there whole life with a controller and it’s hard for them to get use to a mouse and keyboard. I’ve played mouse and keyboard my whole life and can’t use a controller worth of shit. Occasionally I will buy a new console because there is a game I want to play on it but because I suck at controller i sludge through the game playing like ass then never play on it again lol.

You can never get as good with a controller as with a mouse, this is why aim assist on controller is a thing.


This is true

Aim assist

i think you can do pretty good with bow and average or even poor aim.
if you shoot at right time, avoid dmg .
use rapier very good.
i seen top players miss all the shots against even better bow player.
the thing is very few will stick with the bow for that long coz missing is frustrating .

Yeah bow is the concern…


Yea we arguing about arrow hitbow while GA basically does AOE abilities / LA that does more dmg than an heavy shot bow

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You are late to the party its already getting nerfed and fixed

Also the people that did something were able to get out. One guy used burnout and the other entomed

The people who died, one was still shooting the point while in the grav well the other was looking the opposite way and the last instead of blocking or using entomed tried to ice shower. The people who died were not caring, not paying attention, or chose the wrong option.

People miss with melee attacks all the time too :joy:

Thinking the current GW is actually good for the game is the actual joke in your comment