A list of changes needed to significantly improve the game


  • Rework the Respawns (currently in the development process) so that defenders have to work harder to keep a zone
  • Improve drops so there are legendaries at a rate equal to Mutations
  • Umbral shard generation to 3000 per a win, 1500 per a loss
  • Improve Gold rewards for wars to 1000 per a loss, 3000 per a win
  • Limit wars to only allowing a factions own side to fight on behalf of the company. (no more yellow in green attack war etc)


  • Reduce health of mobs by 5-10% in Dynasty
  • Reduce damage of elites in all mutations by 10%
  • Add more mutation concepts
  • Make more impactful, less damage driven mechanics for mutations. Things similar to silience zones (and reduce silence zones to 50% of their current size)
  • Cycle mutations every day


  • Make mutation orbs presist run after run and only “expire” after not defeating the last boss in a dungeon
  • Make normal dungeon orbs cost only azoth
  • Rework the crafting materials for orbs so there are not so there is only 1 tier of production.


  • Reduce the pruchase house cost to 1000g
  • Create a system that requires housing score to unlock trophy slots
  • Remove the crafting bonus granting to the housing score


  • Rush production on Celestial Staff and Angry earth staff (in that order). The game is in need of more focus and intellect based weapons

Gear Systems

  • Increase armor on light armor peices by 20%
  • Reduce armor on heavy armor pieces by 10%
  • Look into a way to assign amor bonus’s based on attributes placed. Make these bonus’s apply per a piece of gear type (so 1/5 light gear grants 2% elemental damage). use this system to encourage mixtures of armors. Alternatively, you can create “set bonus” on gear pieces, for example, on shadowwalkers get x spell damage.

Ranked PvP

  • Introduce Area’s to new world as soon as possible. Make sure they have pillars, are not vertical (other wise you will get abuse from range classes), and make sure their size does not exceed 75sqm
  • Ideally, Arena’s should be 3v3

If you have any questions as to why i think these are vital for the games health, please let me know and i will explain in detail.

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