A long two minutes

Video address:

Will the game designer consider strengthening a wave of swordsmen? :ear:

Bad resolution video graffiti’d in a language that isn’t English posted on the English board with no text supplement explaining what I’m straining my eyes to look at.

Please put in more due diligence than this. :<

Tbf it probably involved more thought and effort than most of the whining posts on here. :smiley:

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I’m not about to rebuke that point! Thought is a commodity on these forums.

the video is basically showing how shit melee is now, and hes right. melee is dogshit. ig needs a serious nerf to the wall and ice block like why does ice block have like 15k hp and extra iframes after you get out, bow needs tuning, musket needs to not be hitscan. fs is now overtuned. range is meta now, dont forget the rapier just to make sure you can be kited forever. all of these weapons are the new crutches of new world. new world balancing is ass, give melee back our tracking.


There’s another post identifying that damage in general is overtuned and weapons need defining features that aren’t just gobs of damage. I’m convinced they’re right too.

It’s a shame melee went wayside but I remember when GAWH was the hard meta and everyone panned devs for being melee mains.

Ah the good 'ol days of the GA/WH meta. This is why I try and stay away from suggesting any tweaks to weapon balancing. I think myself and a majority of the people that complain on the forums do not know how to really genuinely give good balance feedback in an unbiased manner. I don’t envy AGS because it’s definitely a constantly moving target that they will never be able to obtain, which requires a level of acceptance that everyone will never be happy with it.

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