A lot of players are trapped on AGS support

I was one of the people using Family share and was quite happy when it was announced that legitimate family share users would get a key.

After some time passed I realized I never got a key, I contacted support and they gave me false information , lied to me, told me “your going to get it just wait 24h” or maintained in a “wait 24 to 42h for technical response” limbo for over 12days.

After showing Steam How AGS support has treated me as a customer , STEAM gave me a key to the game as AGS promised but NEVER HONORED.

I fear there are a lot of others trapped in support limbo , with false bans, game issues where support is stating “we’r going to send this to tecnical support just wait 24-42h” and never reply again or just restart the “24-42h wait” limbo.

I really urge AGS to step up their support and at least treat their customers right.

I got to thank STEAM for fixing this issue ( 3h after I submitted the ticket btw ).

AGS never tried to reach to me to make things right and I always had to keep opening tickets.

If this is the normal Amazon support , I cannot advise anyone to buy any amazon product just cause of the horrid support.

Steam literally had to clean your mess AGS, and I can only wonder how many are trapped with gamebreaking bugs , unfair bans in this horrid support limbo.

edit : I tried to contact CMs and a dev during the time I was locked out of the game, only Luxendra tried to reach out to me and gave an answer that was going to follow my ticket. No other attempt was made to help me as a customer from AGS.


I think the support is a Alexa Echo Dot

worst part is another user that was having my issue was also complaining, I went there to bump the thread cause her issue isn’t solved.

The CM that didn’t solve anything “closes” the thread.

Maybe it was a mistake but I have no way to message rasboi

@Hunden sorry , maybe you made a mistake , but that thread issue afaik wasn’t solved.
or did that user told you the issue was solved ?

If the problem isn’t solved, that thread should be open , until that user has her problem solved.

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Soon they will listen… Gladly that yours key was given, send a message to the other user explaining how you did to get the key from steam, maybe they can help him as well…

Probably this topic will be closed as well

I hope not , there is no reason to close this.

I’m sharing feedback , I truly hope AGS considers it and improves their support.

I really think one good way to retain players is to offer good support and good CS<->CM<->Dev communication. It really helps in the satisfaction of your customers.

I for once am truly grateful for steam for helping making things right, and I think most costumers never forget when they find have a product that offers good support.

It’s clear that there are SOME members of support that understand the game and know what they are doing, but that little minority seems to have their hands tied ( and can only "escalate ticket to technical ) and quickly becomes frustrating to deal with AGS support.


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